Expect Change

  by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey The reality of human existence is shifting. It is a fact that changes are happening in a way that can feel bewildering. From the point of view of developments in day-to-day life, changes may seem to go astronomically fast at times. A mere example of […]

Inflammation: The Unknown Epidemic

View Post         by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey       Inflammatory diseases are on the rise… Scientists have confirmed that inflammation makes humans prime candidates for viral infections during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, inflammation is exacerbating the existing difficulties countless individuals have with controlling excessive body […]

The Importance of Carrier Oils

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey My post of June generated healthy curiosity about the nature of carrier oils. To answer the questions that came in, this post is to segue into the last one, and relay requested information. The vast majority of aromatherapists and wellness practitioners who are familiar with the […]

Essential Oils and their Benefits

  by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey Essential oils are natural plant-based remedies used in many cultures in the world to heal all types of ailments, mostly pain. The oils are pleasant to the olfactory sense and benefit the body and mind. Therapeutic essential oils offer multiple healing benefits applicable to humans […]