Detoxification as an Effective Weight Control System For Addicted New Mothers

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

There are countless overweight and obese women struggling with addictions while they are either pregnant or have become new mothers. They are having a very hard reducing or eliminating their excess weight. One of the many reasons for that is because the excess weight that has accumulated over time is oftentimes related to the addictions that these women are afflicted by.

Both weight issues and addictions require time to be managed into oblivion. Another caveat is that overweight or obese persons function based on their own default subconscious program. If someone continuously functions by the same habits that have caused the weight issue, then their problem will simply perpetuate itself. In the case of overweight new mothers that have been addicted to one substance or another, there is a double-issue at stake: the need to recover from toxicity and to save their baby’s life.

Women who are addicted to toxic foods and drinks, as well as pharmaceutical drugs and recreational drugs are more likely to accumulate toxic fat in their body.

Also, pregnant women whose lifestyle is toxic find themselves particularly at risk of passing dangerous toxins to their fetuses and babies. Toxicity does not just limit itself to the physical body.  Living off junk food is one of many different factors that cause toxicity. It is a revolving issue: some people feel a compulsion toward eating junk food because they are toxic and some others are toxic because they are addicted to junk food.


Toxic thoughts and attitudes can make the body toxic and accumulate toxins in the normal reserves of bodily fat.

When this is the case, detoxification can be an effective solution to this undesirable and bothersome situation. Even though many people are either uninformed or misinformed about detoxification, it is the very process that can help make a difference in their life and that of their offspring. Detoxification is the process by which the body is allowed recover by eliminating the cause of the issue rather than treating symptoms.

Research studies conducted between the years 2004 and 2013 at various medical centers in the United States have revealed a steady increase in the number of babies born of mothers addicted to toxic substances and medications. Research has shown that in the US approximately 30% of babies are born with symptoms of intoxication.

The effects of toxic substances and pharmaceutical drugs on pregnant women can be devastating for both the mother and baby. In a great number of cases, the babies are born with such symptoms as: consistent irritability, behavioral and cognitive issues, lack of an ability to adapt, low birth weight, and in some cases, the infant’s death.

The reasons for the toxicity may vary. Some of the mothers had been taking drugs to control acute pain, others for recreational purposes, and sometimes both. In order for the new mothers to reduce the level of toxicity that is associated with the excess production of bodily fat, it is essential for them to detoxify.

It is a known fact that in an obese or overweight body, fat cells are toxic cells. When the excessive production of bodily fat is associated with dependencies, there is great benefit in a detoxification process. It is what can benefit both mother and child in a safe and sensible manner.

Detoxification allows the body to flush out the toxic chemicals that have been impeding its normal function. For instance, certain chemicals found in water, food, or drugs can cause an overproduction of toxic by-products of metabolism. Science has shown that xenoestrogens for instance, cause excess body weight, but also they are associated with degenerative diseases such as cancer.

As the body starts releasing the overload of the harmful chemicals that are impairing organ function, then soon it starts repairing itself in its own natural ways. To enhance the benefits of self-healing, the new mother is to upgrade her food intake by including in her daily diet a variety of quality foods.

Experts on detoxification usually recommend that the person looking to get rid of toxins starts by consuming more water, gets rid of toxic foods, drinks and substances, while learning to feed themselves foods that heal rather than kill.

Pregnant and gestating women can find enormous life-changing benefits in detoxification.  A good detoxification program can be helpful to new mothers for their physical and mental health. Detoxification assists addicted new mothers with recovering their normal weight while living a cleaner life. This freeing process can reverberate positively on their baby’s health while helping the new mother be released from toxic impositions on her mind and body.

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Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey is a Mind-Body Therapist, Wellness Coach, and Author voted Wellness Expert by peer consensus in 2005. Therapist Lherisson-Bey is the author of the Kindle bestseller HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY as well as the weight management program GET SLIM EFFORTLESSLY that has evolved from CD to an instructional picture book and eBook.  

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