8 Ways to Detoxify from Contaminants

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

There are known, unknown, unseen, unproven, and unrecognized contaminants that can have a detrimental impact on health. Contaminants come from various sources, the atmosphere, the water, the soil, the ocean, plants, animals, humans, the food supply, mold spores, harmful chemicals, synthetic substances, radiation, electromagnetic pollution, drugs, and much more.

When one becomes contaminated, for bodily restoration, it is essential to do a full body detoxification process regardless of the nature of the contaminants or pollutants. The contaminants will eventually exit the body. They will end up being purged off the sweat glands, the skin, liver, kidneys, bladder, intestines, blood, along with all other organs and tissues.

Although dealing with a contamination issue may be unsettling, fortunately, there are several remedies that are known to successfully reverse their adverse effects. With little to no side effects, natural remedies usually benefit the body in lasting or permanent ways.

Ancient natural therapies for detoxification from contaminants

Skin brushing

A process that helps to detoxify the skin, control cellulite, and relieve stress due to its nurturing effect on the adrenals. It is performed with a dry brush made of soft natural bristles, on dry skin, for approximately five minutes.

Herbal baths therapy

Used in Indigenous and European medicines, they can pull toxins out of the body through the pores and promote healing through the absorption of healing essential oils from the herbs. Dead Sea salts or magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) may be added to the bath to help potentiate its effects and re- mineralize the system.

Bentonite clay baths

They are capable of detoxifying the body from heavy metals such as mercury. They were often used for skin care in ancient Rome and Greece.

Sulfur baths

They have been used for thousands of years in different cultures to detoxify and control health ailments from skin issues and chronic pain to urinary tract infections.


Sulfur springs can be of great benefit to some ailing people. Throughout the world, spas offer such commodities; some are naturally-occurring, and others are man-made.


While some people may think that accessing a sauna is a European indulgence or an expensive proposition, exposure to a sauna can help detoxify toxic people successfully and quickly. Most quality spas have a sauna; many people also have their own sauna at home. Saunas are sold either as permanent fixtures or portable equipment.

Massage therapy

It is a popular form of energy medicine. There are different types of massage modalities, some of which are:

. Shiatsu (meridian-based massage) also known as Acupressure.

. Swedish.

. Deep tissue.

. Lymph drainage.

. Reflexology (face, hands, and feet).

. Tui Na (Chinese massage).

Massage therapy can be quite detoxifying when properly performed. Aromatherapy:      It uses pure essential oils distilled from plants to promote specific effects, from anxiety relief and mental clarity, to pain relief and appetite control.


When performed in moderation, exercises protect from illness and prolong lives if already one is already ill. Exercises can be as simple as walking that is excellent for lymph detoxification. Whether it is running, dancing, yoga, or swimming, all exercise is good for detoxifying the body and enhancing the mind.

One of the most documented positive effects of exercise is the reduction or even elimination of unwanted excess weight. This makes sense due to the fact in many cases people become overweight because of an overload of contaminants in the water, the food supply, the air, and other factors in their immediate environment. Exercising does help shed contaminants through the pores when one sweats, and encourages the exit of toxins the usual channels of elimination.

Charcoal capsules

As a medicine, charcoal is capable of pulling toxins and poisons from the system with repeated use over a few days. Ingestible charcoal comes in  purified and activated form. The medicine is available in powdered form, liquid, capsules or tablets.

It is encouraging to know that when diligently followed, the above recommendations can work wonders to decontaminate and detoxify the body and the mind.

Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey is a Mind-Body Therapist, Wellness Coach, and Author voted Wellness Expert by peer consensus in 2005. Therapist Lherisson-Bey is the author of the Kindle bestseller HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY as well as the weight management program GET SLIM EFFORTLESSLY that has evolved from CD to an instructional picture book and eBook.  

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