Detoxify for the new year

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

As the new year is approaching, everyone and their mother and their co-worker happen to be making a list of their new year resolutions. As one can guess, for many people, reducing their weight is one of the priorities.

What many people are not aware of is that, fat cells are toxic cells. Wherever there is a condition that manifests itself in the body as excess weight and obesity, there is toxicity.

Why detoxify?

The holidays may have been a time when one indulged in excessive consumption of foods containing processed sugar, saturated fats, and edible items that produce free radicals scientifically shown to cause cell damage.

One major reason for toxicity is colon sluggishness or constipation. Eating low-fiber foods, highly processed carbs, fried foods, drinking sodas, are some known causes for toxicity and excess body weight.

Whether toxicity is physical, emotional, spiritual, or environmental, it is a fact of human life. Toxicity leads to illnesses. Most illnesses come from:
It is undeniable that it is so easy to be toxic, one needs to do anything. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we eat, are on some level quite toxic. There are different sources of toxins, some of them the average person has no clue about. For example:
a. Synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics in our food supply cause enormous health problems from allergies to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
b. Chlorine leads to cardio-vascular complications and hardening of the arteries that eventually leads to high blood pressure. It is found in over-abundance in the water supply.
c. Fluoride causes scarring of the tissues and mottling of teeth.
d. Microwaving changes the molecular structure of whatever food or else you put in the oven. Microwaving kills or mutates the nutrients. It excites the atoms and radically changes the structure of the food.
e. Pharmaceutical byproducts and toxins.
Some drugs do save lives but it is our right to make more informed decisions about their uses, as most drugs are toxic and manufactured from petrochemicals or petroleum by-products. Can you acquire radiant health by popping pills made from tire rubber or gasoline?
The evidence of soil depletion causing nutritional deficiencies is in a government-published study found in the US Geological Survey Website: The site, as well as numerous studies suggest that we have much less of a nutrients content in our food than we did 50 years ago.

Whoever consumes nutritionally depleted food has a tendency to crave processed foodstuff that is high in toxins. It becomes a vicious circle. Our physical bodies comprise 80~100 trillion cells. All cells have a specific life span. Every minute, you manufacture 60 million cells. If you bring inferior resources into your body, you systematically create illness. Performance athletes who perform far better than sedentary people and elders, obtain unsurpassed results due to their conscientious and consistent use of high grade nutrients.

Unlike what you may have heard before, you can regenerate your body at the cellular level. Illness is neither always a death sentence nor a reason to resort to treatment that can end up being deadlier than the disease. All you need is adequate detoxification and proper nutrition. If you doubt that you need to detoxify, look around you and see all the sources of toxins.

If you think what you can’t see cannot hurt, think again. A lot of sources of toxins are not even visible. In the air, there are particles of barium, aluminum oxide, desiccated blood particles, microscopic pathogens, to name a few (remember, excess aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease).

There is a load of heavy metals in some types of drinking water, besides contaminants and pathogenic organisms.


Individuals that consume alcoholic beverages, sodas, artificial drinks loaded with processed sugar, colorings, additives, preservatives, and other unmentionables are at risk of high toxicity. One of the main problems with consuming toxic food products is that such regimen depletes the cells, particularly brain cells. When people consume toxic foodstuff routinely and for a prolonged amount of time, at some point, they start exhibiting signs of mental deterioration and behavioral problems. The issues are in addition to  bodily imbalances such as pain and inflammation, that usually come with an overweight or obese situation.

The body’s cells renew themselves within 7 years, some cells within 6 months. You can therefore re-generate, re-create a new body that can experience radiant health when you provide it what it needs to function with optimum wellness.

If you operate from the principle of Life replenishing Life, you can embark on working to eliminate some of the many causes of illnesses rather than manage effects and symptoms; as you take responsibility for your life and therefore become proactive with your wellness, you make your life worth living.

By detoxifying, you eventually eliminate pain, drug co-dependency, and frustrations, all of which usually come with the package known as excess weight and obesity; detoxifying can also help you rejuvenate and experience a higher level of wellness and optimism.

How to detoxify?

It is possible to explore a sensible, proven detoxification and re-balancing program and see some results within three days to three months. By starting in the beginning of the year, you maximize your chances to get your beach body ready for late spring or summer. One can detoxify by reading about the matter and practicing the sensible principles of detoxification or one can work on a therapeutic program with a therapist.

Some therapeutic programs are designed to show consumers of toxic foods how to develop new behavior patterns geared to help them release the need for self-intoxication.  Usually, it is intoxication that entails an imbalanced body afflicted by excess unwanted fat and obesity.

As the new year is getting ready to start its course, you are sure to find it life changing to take the opportunity to detoxify and upgrade your health for the better.

Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey is a Mind-Body Therapist, Wellness Coach, and the Author of HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, an Amazon Kindle best seller. Sri is also the creator of the program GET SLIM EFFORTLESSLY.


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