Lemon: A Potent Weight Reducing Fruit

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

Lemon is capable of assisting the body with reducing excess fat rather quickly and effectively. It provides humans with much more than just refreshing drinks during torrid summer days. A small but potent fruit known worldwide for its cleansing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and mood-uplifting properties, lemon is more versatile than many people think.

Somehow, lemon can be considered to be a mind-bender: even though it is very acidic, it acts as a powerful alkalizer to heal the body from the damages of excess acidity. Due to its highly acidic pH (between 2 and 3 on the pH scale), lemon has the power to neutralize harmful bodily acids, therefore protecting the organs and tissues such as bones, tendons, ligaments, and teeth from systemic deterioration.

Nutrition facts about lemon:

Water: 89%
Fiber: 2.8 gr
Sugar: 2.5 gr
Carbohydrates: 9 gr
Calories: 28
Vitamin C: 44.5 mg
Besides its high level of vitamin C, lemon also contains large amount of bioflavonoids, enzymes, and hesperidin, a nutrient that protects blood vessels from clotting.
By virtue of the above nutrients and many more beneficial phytochemical compounds that it contains, lemon provides numerous health benefits some of which are known as: 
  • De-acidifying/alkalizing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supportive of the digestive system
  • Immune enhancing
  • Cleansing/purifying for the blood
  • Uplifting for the mind
  • Stress relieving.

Lemon is a very valuable remedy for people afflicted by obesity and overweight problems because one of the main underlying causes of excess body fat often is over-acidity/ hyperacidity. 

Millions of people with life-threatening obesity and excessive fat-related health problems could get their issues resolved with a simple regimen consisting of ingesting a pleasant-tasting lemon drink. The said drink is called lemon water cleanse aka master cleanse. It is usually ingested every morning before breakfast. Some master cleanse enthusiasts also drink it at bedtime for additional benefits.
Lemon Cleanse
1 lemon (well washed/scrubbed)
Press the cleansed lemon into 1 cup of hot water
Add: 1 tablespoon of honey; one pinch of salt; and one pinch of cayenne pepper.
Drink immediately.
Researchers who have reported the results of their studies about the anti-acidic and anti-inflammatory benefits of lemon for weight reduction have posited that no one needs to be overweight and/or obese if they commit to the daily use of lemon as a natural remedy.
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