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The PERSONALIZED 7-DAY MEAL PLAN FOR WEIGHT LOSS is a very useful set of blueprints designed to upgrade one’s nutrition through food quality and portion control. The Meal Plan’s report show what types of foods to eat, when, and in what kind of conbination fo maximum benefit.

The HOME TOXICITY ANALYSIS reveals what types of items cause imbalances, physical or mental. The insidious activities of harmful chemicals from the food supply, water, cookware, personal care items, clothing, accessories, household products, and electronics are revealed in an eye opening report. Useful suggestions are provided.

Not knowing about harmful, toxic chemicals is the surest way to be their victim. Countless toxic chemicals are responsible for allergies, skin problems and degenerative conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease, to name just a few.

In the book HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, there is an extensive list of toxic items that adversely affect health on many levels. Fortunately, the book makes the reader aware of all alternative to toxic products for a life-saving lifestyle upgrade.