Three Main Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

When it comes to excess weight and fat reduction, from instructional brochures to one-on-one training — and all processes in between — everything already exists to help people control their weight effectively. But… most dieters are unaware of a little-known fact about one major component that is sorely lacking in the weight control industry’s methodologies. And… it is the understanding of how mindless linguistics and warped thinking lead to self-sabotage.

For the love of people, it is essential to show them that faulty communication with the self and the subconscious mind usually sabotages their plans to get their weight at an ideal level.
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Many dieters who are not aware of the mind-body connection cannot understand why their diets do not work. Some individuals have reported gaining extra weight by eating lettuce and exercising excessively.  Dieting is usually undertaken based on the wrong premises at inception. When it is so, it becomes a process that leads to faulty results. Most clinical studies on dieting show that the average diet usually lasts approximately 72 hours.
As Dr. Smith has confirmed, diets simply do not work. They never have.
The following points — that I emphasize in my book GET SLIM EFFORTLESSLY — will reveal to you in a nutshell, the three main obstacles to successfully reducing excess weight.
Most people who go on a diet say:“I am trying to lose weight because I don’t want my clothes to keep getting tighter”.
There are three (3) problems in this one sentence and the reasons for these problems are:
Reason #1:
Trying:  “I am trying to lose weight because I don’t want my clothes to keep getting tighter”.
The word “try” is an indicator of indecision and a lack of commitment.
People who approach setting up a new goal in a non-committal way are bound to encounter a lack of support from their subconscious mind. They end up not generating the necessary impetus required to take proper action and work on the goal effectively. As a result, the dieters become unmotivated and easily discouraged, unable to find the necessary stamina and willpower to overcome the obstacles to getting slim. No worthy goal is ever without obstacles.
Reason #2:
Lose weight: “I am trying to lose weight because I don’t want my clothes to keep getting tighter”.
The subconscious mind of humans is programmed to find what they lose. The instant one person states that they are working on losing weight, the subconscious mind sets out an intention to find what will be considered as lost. When someone says that they have lost weight, it is an act of sending a signal to the subconscious that it is time to find what has been lost. This is why we only use ‘weight control’ or ‘weight reduction’ or ‘fat release’ in our processes.
Reason #3:
I don’t want:  “I am trying to lose weight because I don’t want my clothes to keep getting tighter”.
The nano-second you mention what you ‘don’t want’ something, your subconscious interprets the wish as something that you want to experience. Remember, the subconscious mind acts on key words and does not recognize or interpret negatives. For example: If you say: “I don’t want to be fat.” The subconscious automatically receives an image of fat. Then it starts focusing on assisting you in unconsciously bringing more fat into your body’s reality.
A simple way to understand this process is to compare the subconscious mind’s workings to Google as a search engine. If you type into your Google browser: “No mattress” and click on ‘Images’, you will instantaneously see the results: billions of images of mattresses. The word ‘no’ before the word ‘mattress’ did not matter. What Google searched for was: ‘mattress’, because the word ‘no’ before ‘mattress’ is irrelevant.
When it comes to dealing with negatives, the subconscious mind is rather tricky:
1) It does not recognize negatives, therefore it deletes them from sentences.
2) It only works with key words.
When you say: “I don’t want my clothes to get tighter”, your subconscious will interpret that as: “I see… you want your clothes to continue to fit tighter.”  This could contribute to the continuation of a pattern of emotional eating and unproductive lifelong yo-yo dieting.
When you do not have proper understanding of how the subconscious mind runs the show, you start unconsciously generating behaviors that cause you to do the things that will bring you the unfortunate experience of unknowingly sabotaging yourself.
The subconscious mind controls 95% of our life, that is why we can do so many things on auto-pilot, ex. effortlessly breathing oxygen, pumping blood, digesting food, producing urine and metabolic waste, etc.
To recap, it is important to understand certain caveats about the subconscious mind.
  • It has strict rules. Not knowing or understanding the rules is not an excuse to prevent the subconscious from getting to do the things it does.
  • It will interpret your keywords and ideas as something you wish to bring into your reality, even if later you say that you did not really mean something you said or thought.
  • It simply acts upon the key words of whatever thoughts you generate.
  • It systematically deletes the negatives (no, don’t, do not, don’t want, can’t, won’t, etc…)
  • It focuses on activating the key words that follow the negative.
  • It has no sense of humor: it interprets everything literally.
Now that our understanding of dieting is clear, it is vital for people wishing to control their weight and reduce excess fat, to use mindfulness in their weight control program. This is one of the best ways to yield a productive and satisfying experience with mindful weight management rather than dieting.
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