4 Hints To Help You Deal with Global Unrest

The world’s population is experiencing enormous and genuine turmoil. Just as humans were thinking that they rightfully deserved a reprieve from life’s hardships caused by CV19 and other toxic woes, a war went on between Russia and Ukraine recently. The world leadership’s consciousness has not risen to the level that it should have by now.
Unless one is a billionaire mogul from the ruling class, equipped with elite airbus-size private jets and/or a space rocket, most people are not prepared for WWIII.


Some world events analysts are speculating that the top 1% of the world’s most brilliant-minded magnates and most highly celebrated financial tycoons may have already relocated to posh underground bunkers (or alternative exoplanets if habitable ones exist). Be that as it may, the majority of the Earth’s population does not have many choices about escaping annihilation in case of a global war. It is doubtful that there are any choices at all.
Past world wars have started in a seemingly quiet way before so-called foreign countries and economic superpowers gradually got involved, threatening to activate their inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBM) at the push of a button. When dissension escalates to a global level, there usually is a threat of continental — and even planetary — obliteration through powerful technologies.
If you are concerned about not being able to fly to a private remote island for refuge, or relocate to a habitable exoplanet, that does not mean you cannot take some sensible measures for preservation of sanity and self-protection, a natural instinct.
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Earth seems to be a planet with pre-planned agendas, regardless of how fictitious this may sound.
Anyone who has doubts about predestined war agendas would benefit from reading the words in the book of Matthew:

“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars.

See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”

Matthew 24:6




In February 2021, shortly after being informed through the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists that the world’s Doomsday Clock was reset at 100 seconds to midnight, I relayed the news in my blog post of 02/24/2021. As of today, Doomsday Clock is still set at 100 seconds to midnight. Image of the pertinent paragraph is viewable below. The post is accessible by clicking on the screenshot showing below, and also through this link: https://wholenessconnection.org/advanced-non-toxic-stress-reduction-strategies
Even though there might be some more tough times to manage, one must remember that severe tests and trials never last forever. The only thing one can count on is change. After all, you have survived chemtrails, bovine growth hormones, pesticides-laced foods, CV19, toilet paper hoarding, 5G, rising inflation, etc., so what did not kill you may make you stronger… Who knows?
The following consists of four pointers shared with the intent of fostering effectiveness in case of potential disaster management. For the sake of mental hygiene:


Be aware that one might have to be confined indoors for weeks if there are concerns about radiation-related fallout or a systemic power outage. Keep things simple in one special room. In case everyone has to be sheltered in place, secure: purified drinking water, survival food of the unspoilable but non-toxic type, books, CB radio transmitters, HAM radio, portable solar-powered battery charger, AC generator, toiletry, medicine, blankets, to name a few essentials. 
In my post of September 28, 2020 entitled: Emergency Preparedness Non-Toxic Style, I provided a full list of essentials for times of emergency. Click on this link to check the list: https://wholenessconnection.org/emergency-preparedness-non-toxic-style.
Some people would consider keeping a cast iron pan handy in the eventuality that emergency self-defense is required. No license is required to own or carry the utensil.


In the event that one might have to follow emergency relocation or evacuation mandates, a bug-out bag is a necessity. Your bag can include a sample of the survival items one usually keeps at home.
My post of September 2020 entitled Emergency Preparedness Non-Toxic Style, also refers to how to prepare a functional bug-out bag. Anyone can pack distilled water, running shoes, toilet paper, soap, and disinfectant, at the very least.
Regarding edibles, if you could take with you one — and only one — survival food item, then you might consider an aquatic plant such as blue-green algae, spirulina, or chlorella in powdered or tablet form. Kelp or wakame might also do. The remarkable and exceptional property of these plants is that they are both nourishing and cleansing for the system. They are also known for clearing radiation-related toxic particles from the body.
Sri preparing to enter the 5K Run/Race of June 1998 in Central Park, NYC.


If you are already fit, then there is no rush, but keep the pace. If you are not considered fit, do what it takes to practice running fast, walking faster, and carrying heavy weight. Burn excess calories and slim down asap.
Even though gym-types of machines such as the elliptical or the treadmill are practical, they might not serve the above-stated purpose effectively. You must be able to sustain the impact of rough, uneven terrain while building speed and running quickly.
You are not really fit unless you are agile enough to emergently climb a tall tree rapidly, almost like an indigenous native would do if a tiger were to chase them in the forest. 
If you are obese and overweight, seek treatment to start shedding excess pounds and get fit fast.


After you feel secure about the completeness of your preparedness, just remember not to panic. 
  • You may wish to affirm: “As it is outward, so it is within. All that exists outside of me also exists within me. If the internal war within me is projecting itself outside of me, I choose to clear the energetic frequency, root causes, toxic imprints, and memories of strife within me. I could see peace instead of war.” 
  • Project feelings of love toward the source of the conflict. Love has the power to neutralize the harmful nature of negativity. 
  • A few times a day, imagine a bright light streaming outward from your heart and mentally place a shield of loving light around the Earth and all that exists. Transmit love to the country, the people, the Planet, and all that is on Earth.
  • Feel the peace and say: “Regardless of historic predictions, regardless of wars and rumors of wars, and regardless of Doomsday Clock prognostications, I choose to see the world’s situation under the light of objectivity. I rise above all unnecessary fears and worries. I empower myself to take charge in whatever ways are useful. I choose to raise my vibrational frequency to match it with the energy of peace. I declare the establishment of intelligent order on Earth, for the good of all.”  Let the light of peace radiate from your heart throughout the whole universe.
You might also take comfort in the fact that even historically revered prophetic writings are found to offer an optimistic view of Earth’s future. In the biblical Book of Revelation, presumably written by a prophet who went by the name of John (some scholars say John the Elder), the vision-based tale purports that after planetary tribulations end, there will be renewal for the Earth and healing for the people.  
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