Belly Fat, Bulge, Laxity, and Flab: Can It Be Resolved At All?

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

Many of us are getting so concerned about our increasingly enlarging abdomen that the matter requires serious attention. More and more people are asking how to reduce abdominal fat. Excess belly fat is a legitimate concern that, if left unaddressed, has the potential of becoming an existential threat. This situation has worsened in record numbers since the quarantine that started in the early months of the year 2020.

For every effect, there is a cause. When on a quest for remedies, it is very tedious to find a solution without a clear understanding of the effects’ underlying causes.


Issues with excessive production of abdominal fat are mostly connected to internal inflammation. Some of the reasons for this type of inflammation are known to be:
1) Poor diet primarily consisting of inflammatory ‘foods’  
  • Indulgences in excessive sugar and alcohol. Processed sugar consumption causes acidification of the body, and that leads to inflammation, excessive weight, and parasitism, besides tooth decay. Colonies of parasites can take up abdominal space while enjoying an assured, continuous supply of sugar. One of the reasons why the supply is assured is that parasites have the scary ability to control their host’s mind and make the said host believe that the time for sugar cravings is… all the time. Alcohol adversely affects blood sugar levels.
  • Bad fats such as soybean oil, aka ‘vegetable oil’, canola oil, lard, excessive amounts of butter, or butter substitutes that are far worse than too much butter.
  • Free radicals from fried chicken, beef, and pork meats (especially consumed with the fried skin) and fried potatoes. DNA damage often ensues.
  • Processed foods. They are devoid of nutrients, so the one who consumes them ends up craving more food and eating more devitalized food than necessary, therefore unnecessarily enlarging the abdomen. Extreme abdominal distention puts a subject at risk of hernia. Ultra-processed foods also make their victims not just hungry but also feeling very depleted.

2) Sleep deprivation
  • Even 30 minutes of sleep deprivation per day can soon contribute to elevated cortisol levels that are responsible for the type of stress associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, and all types of degenerative diseases.
  • Conversely, stress is associated with insomnia, and insomnia is known to be a generator of the same type of inflammation that generates excess visceral fat.
  • Sleep deprivation also comes with a reduction of melatonin production, a calamity that is involved in the generation of inflammation. 
3) A sedentary lifestyle
  • Most sedentary people are either under work-related constraints that demand sitting at a desk for long hours or are suffering from a debilitating condition that saps their energy. Too much of the time, the exhausted individuals sit on a couch watching TV programs continuously suggesting that eating convenience foods is the only way to an easier life. Scores of people mistakenly think that a long session of TV watching is a well-deserved treat after a long or stressful workday. 
  • A sedentary lifestyle leads to more energy depletion and lymphatic congestion that entails inflammation leading to obesity.

4) Television habituation

Many debilitated and tired people have a habit of sitting on a couch or lying in bed to watch TV, a situation that generates more problems. Scientific research demonstrates that prolonged and frequent television watching adversely influences the body in many ways. Some of such influences include:

  • Cognitive decline. It involves impaired awareness and memory issues due to brain shrinkage: the larger the TV and the longer the viewing hours, the smaller the brain. This alarming situation is escalating. Even 4-year-old children have recently been found to necessitate treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Brain-gut connection. The larger the gut, the smaller the brain, and the lesser the memory.
  • EMF radiation exposure. It can cause irreversible DNA damage and lower immunity.
  • Covert mental programming. Manufacturers of the very food products that cause obesity and degenerative illnesses pay for their products to be heavily advertised in covertly and deceivingly convincing ways. This is one of the main reasons why it is so easy to get caught in the trap of becoming a couch potato and indulging in endless munchies, an activity that deprives people of their rightful sleep (and the melatonin levels required to avoid excess belly fat).

Most of the time, people are unable to understand and correct their detrimental habits because once programmed, the habits feel like normal behavior. Unless someone has a life threat behind their motivation to change, bad habits are basically impossible to shake without de-programming.

The nature of TV is to infiltrate programs into the mind. That is why television viewing sessions are referred to as “programming”. Most of the programming intended to influence a TV watcher is about consuming ultra-processed food and then popping pills to temporarily alleviate the effects of inflammation pain later on.

For many reasons, humans are creatures of comfort and easily sink into bad habits as long as they feel good. It is the formation of good habits that require effort, mind power, and consistency. This situation causes enormous resistance to change. Some people may think: “I am comfortable with my beer belly. So what’s the big deal about it? ”  There is no big deal: there is no glamour with a gut either; however, the concern is that there is a link between visceral fat and heart attacks.
Everyone has a goal but few people are willing to do the uncomfortable things it takes to reach that goal. Thank goodness, for every problem, there exists a solution, but only when the will meets the way.


It is a fortunate thing that many people are concerned and dedicated enough to find and implement solutions to their belly fat woes.
This is what a few researchers and therapists have been recommending and implementing for the purpose of reducing abdominal fat.
1) Upgrade your nutrition
  • Avoid processed sugar and alcohol. They cause inflammation. Ask anyone with a beer belly if they have ever been without back and neck pain. Get accustomed to drinking green vegetable juices that help control cravings.
  • Eliminate the bad fats mentioned above. Replace bad fats with good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and grape seed oil, to name a few.
  • Stop consuming processed carbs (bread, bakery items, processed grains). Their gluten can damage the microbiota and coat the colon with damaging gluten (a glue-like substance). In some cases, a gluten film can be as thick as tire rubber and take years to dissolve even through serious intestinal cleanses. 
  • Eat fruits, especially acidic and astringent fruits such as citrus and pineapple. Their high levels of enzymes and nutrients can greatly help curb excess fat production.
  • Add to the food supply thermogenic herbs, roots, and edibles known as cayenne pepper (capsicum), paprika, ginger, mustard, etc.
  • Consume seaweed daily. This type of aquatic plant is high in phytochemicals and enzymes, besides multiple micronutrients. Seaweed not only cleanses and detoxifies the system but also removes heavy metals contaminants while nourishing the body and promoting the removal of excess visceral fat.
2) Move the body and curb sedentariness 
Exercise every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. Thirty minutes should be a good number to reach. Energy levels will escalate and help cure the detrimental couch potato habit. Sit-ups will greatly help if done daily, but sit-ups alone are usually not enough to control visceral fat.
3) Eliminate or reduce exposure to EMF and harmful programming
Do all it takes to replace excessive TV watching with a healthy activity such as a walk barefoot or Qi Gong on a natural terrain, e.g. the beach. The grounding effect this walk produces is sometimes enough the resolve the inflammation that encourages the excess genesis of body fat. If you are already hopelessly attached to TV watching, then replace sugary beverages and ultra-processed foods with smoothies made of plant-based protein enriched with phytochemical micronutrients.
4) Indulge in nurturing the physical body
Even though it is seemingly impossible to reduce weight in just a particular area of the body versus the whole body, there are some methods that may help accomplish such a goal to some extent. The ideal way to tackle excess belly fat is by keeping the whole body’s fat growth under control.
The following tips are based on some age-old natural remedies and also some technologically advanced methods that can be of interest:
  • Learn how to initiate corrections to hormonal deficiencies or imbalances that are notorious for causing excessive visceral fat.
  • Take the time to do frequent slimming belly wraps with ingredients such as seaweed and a micro amount of thermogenic herbs. Use a heating pad (ideally BPA-free) to activate the wrap’s ingredients. 
  • Swedish-style saunas can help.
  • You can also invest in a far-infrared (FIR) device that potentiate the fat reduction process. 
  • In severe cases where the fat reduction entails flabby, hanging tissues, some surgery or cosmetic laser-based surgical procedures may be necessary.
There was an era when a protruding gut and excess body weight were a sign of opulence, a form of status symbol.
This worldview had led many well-meaning but misguided parents to overfeed their babies. Those parents honestly believed that they were breeding trophy offspring when what they were unknowingly doing was setting the stage for their pudgy babies to turn into eventual obese-diabetic young adults. The body’s cells have a memory. The cells replicate based on their existing template: faulty cells signals + faulty self-care = faulty body. Consequently, it takes serious re-training to modify and redirect the faulty cells’ misinterpretations of their functioning. Through the principles of neuroplasticity, one can learn to re-wire the bodily systems’ neurons in order to modify behaviors and self-defeating beliefs for the purpose of obtaining desirable results. Once reprogrammed, the cells can start replicating in the way they were intended at conception. The above information and other aspects of my programs can help accomplish just that, and in non-toxic ways.
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