Pineapple for Rapid Weight Reduction

Among the fruits considered effective for rapid weight reduction and self-healing, pineapple is the recognized star of foods known as medicine. Pineapple has nothing to do with pine and does not remotely resemble an apple, but there is much more to its festive and decorative look. Pineapple is celebrated for helping people in the know shed excess weight in a most enjoyable manner: pineapple fruit is both filling and delicious.


Benefits of pineapple

For individuals looking to reduce their weight or control blood sugar and blood pressure in a healthier way than with pills-popping, self-starvation, or dieting, the consumption of pineapple offers countless incentives.
  • Lessening of appetite.
  • Cleansing and nourishment of the bodily system.
  • Provision of a major load of vitamins and minerals to the body.
  • Large supply of bromelain, a beneficial proteolitic enzyme that helps the body break down excess fat, while reducing inflammation of the blood vessels and abdomen (therefore shrinks gut size). One of the functions of enzymes is to take apart and disintegrate harmful materials like toxic scars and excess fats in the body.
  • Safe hydration, a major component of weight shedding. One ounce of pineapple contains approximately 71 grams of pure, detoxifying, and hydrating water.
  • High fiber: it is necessary for colon health and normal function of the intestinal microbiome. Fiber is one of the most essential elements in safely and easily draining body fat out of the system.
  • Pineapple is very easy to juice in a blender.


How to consume pineapple for rapid weight reduction?

Nutritionists usually recommend one portion of pineapple fruit at breakfast or lunch, or between meals. One portion is the equivalent of what one person’s hand can hold. It is not recommended to eat fruits at night.


Can diabetics benefit from pineapple?

Due to the known connection between excess body weight and diabetes, it is important to be aware that pineapple consumption is recommended for obesity-related issues. Some of the multiple and enormous benefits of pineapple consist of weight control along with the regulation of unstable blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure. It is understandable that due to the significant fructose content of pineapple, diabetics should start eating the fruit in smaller amounts, such as one-third of a normal portion. A diabetic can buildup or reduce their portion of pineapple over time, depending on their blood sugar levels registered after consumption.


Pineapple is a highly acidic fruit, so for safety, be aware of these precautionary measures:

  • Avoid mixing pineapple or ingesting it with other fruits (DO NOT mix pineapple with other foods in smoothies or in any type of meal!).
  • Do not overeat pineapple: due to high enzymatic action, it can affect sensitive teeth or the tissues of the mouth’s inner lining. In this case, just juicing the pineapple can help bypass any issue.
  • Rinse the mouth with an alkalizing mixture of water and bicarbonate, after consuming pineapple.
  • Do not consume pineapple along with any other fruit(s) or other foods at the same time. Just wait 20 to 30 minutes before eating anything else.

Pineapple leaves for fat trapping

Researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) conducted a clinical study on pineapple leaves. The research led to the conclusion that pineapple leaves contribute to major and rapid fat reduction, besides regulating blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure at an extremely low cost. Pineapple leaves are clinically proven to act as fat trappers.
Due to potent phenol compounds present in the leaves of pineapple, this type of medicine is only available in pharmaceutical remedy form and should only be taken under the professional guidance of a licensed herbalist or naturopathic doctor.
The benefits of pineapple for weight reduction are proven and can be experienced quickly. For the effects of weight shedding with pineapple consumption to be swift and long-lasting. Meanwhile, there is no substitute for a conscientious, consistent, and permanent lifestyle change.
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