Benefits of a Carbon Mask for Protection from Covid-19

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

As of now, public health officials have not yet reached a consensus regarding whether or not the spread of Covid-19 is under control.

During the past 3 weeks, mandatory social distancing has displayed its pluses and minuses in the area of enforcement. The resolution reflects the level of awareness of the people from different communities. At least, most individuals are beginning to understand the necessity for social distancing.

The majority of the world’s population is adapting to the transition from business as usual to virtual self quarantine. Since the metrics of statistics regarding the improvement or worsening of the situation are not reliably established, the fear factor is still measurably elevated.

Based on different media reports that sometimes conflict with each other, the viral curve has not yet flattened significantly enough for anyone to be cautiously optimistic.

Daily, government officials and public health authorities announce that we are in a war, and the worst that is to come is expected within the next two weeks. This prognostic almost sounds as if it were the way the situation is intended to be…

“T’is thine alone, with awful sway,
To rule mankind, and make the world obey,
Disposing peace and war by thy own majestic way…”

~ Virgil, The Aeneid

There are times when the news appears to intimate that some public health authorities have ultimate control over the outcome of the matter that seems to depend on what they do. (Click here to see Dr. Birx’s prediction reported on NBC News as: “If we do things almost perfectly, 200,000 people will die.”)

As a widespread and perhaps, agenda-based problem, the coronavirus causing the disease known as Covid-19 is the main focus of everyone on Earth, and for cause.

Now that all types of individuals are still in search of effective ways to protect themselves from the virus, quite a few people are wearing their mask in public places, and rightfully so.

As everyone knows or suspects, flimsy masks may not do much in terms of protection, especially from nano particles. Low end masks mostly prevent nasal or oral fluids from reaching others. For some people, wearing a mask simply offers a form of psychological relief or an indication for others. Common sense dictates that any infected person (symptomatic or asymptomatic) must wear a mask.

After the seriousness of the viral threat was confirmed, a new breed of masks was released on the market.

In case you’re already fantasizing about a Hazmat mask or a German soldier’s type of mask, you are off track. The new type of mask is a charcoal based respirator mask, also referred to as a carbon mask. It contains activated charcoal, a natural substance that neutralizes poisons and pathogens. Activated charcoal is generally used commercially for the manufacture of water purifiers and air filters.

Some people cannot even decide whether it is their fear of contagion or cabin fever that is their worse affliction. They just know with certainty that they must go out to replenish their food supply.

Vulnerable people such as the elderly, people with impaired immunity, and others with a biological susceptibility to disease are strongly encouraged to wear an antiviral mask.

KungFuRen Antiviral Mask

The carbon mask has some scientific data backing its effectiveness. History also validates the rationale for its use. During WW II, US and European soldiers used charcoal masks for protection from pathogens and radiation.

Given that a lot of infected people are asymptomatic, now that we know about the availability of protective masks, it makes sense for everyone to wear a mask. A quality mask is worn to protect the self and others.

In the grand scheme of things, acquiring and wearing a carbon-based antiviral mask may be one of the best decisions one can make for protection from Covid-19. Click on the mask’s photo above for details.

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