Emergency Preparedness Non-Toxic Style

When emergency management officials issue warnings to the public about potential crises requiring preparedness, it is not the type of advisory to take lightly. On the flip side of that, there is no need to start panicking either.
At this time of global reset, whether someone feels entitled to being staunchly optimistic or anxiously cautious, there is wisdom in being cautiously optimistic.
The list of cataclysms currently affecting Gaia has significantly grown in 2020. Some of the main issues plaguing the world have been:
  • Extreme heat causing devastating, prolonged wildfires
  • Flash floods
  • Droughts
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Hail storms
  • Sandstorms
  • Earthquakes
  • Mass extinction of wildlife essential to symbiosis
Besides the above-mentioned disastrous situations considered to be acts of God, there is also the possibility of multiple other issues. Some of such issues may be:
(a) Prolonged civil unrest involving active shooting;
(b) Quickly developing unforeseen calamities that may require shelter-in-place orders or emergency relocation.
All of the above-mentioned hardships are known to come with the inconvenience of power outages that may adversely affect:
  • Communication towers
  • Cellular and media communications
  • Air, ground, and marine transportation
  • Fuel pumps
  • Grocery stores
  • Medical centers
  • ATM transactions
  • Traffic lights
  • Elevators
  • and more…
It is hard to know what to expect from one day to another as far as the ongoing saga with the Covid-19 pandemic is concerned. Recently, emergency officials issued their latest crisis management guidelines, intimating that it is everyone’s duty to implement stated directives for effective preparedness.
In addition to standard guidelines, some concerned individuals find it essential to adopt additional levels of preparedness that match their lifestyle. For people with a non-toxic way of life, and also for people with families, and those who own pets, essential preparedness strategies are considered necessities rather than optional commodities.
Anyone who is genuinely pro-active and invested in wellness, non-toxicity, and low-carbon living will benefit from the strategies mentioned below. They can be of life-saving help during any type of emergency.
Scores of highly evolved professionals are also competent crisis preparedness enthusiasts. Many of them have been sharing numerous pieces of information about ensuring safety for themselves, their families, pets, homes, vehicles, and valuables.
Below, I am listing for you some of the best preparedness strategies currently being implemented by health-conscious and environmentally-aware people from the conscious community.
Our suggested preparedness strategies are as follows:
  • Purified water
  • Grains (oats, rice, barley, etc)
  • Lentils and beans
  • Seaweed (wakame, nori, kombu, etc)
  • High protein food in powdered form
  • Powdered milk: soy, cow’s milk, and goat’s milk
  • Sardines in a glass jar
  • Sauerkraut
  • Powdered superfoods: nutrient-dense botanicals, berries, vegetables, and tubers e.g. wheatgrass, tamarind, goji, cacao, beets, carrots, potatoes, yams, platano, yuca, etc.
  • Nuts: almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, hazelnut, pine nuts, peanuts, coconut, pine nuts, pistachios, etc.
  • Seeds: Chia, flaxseeds, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, etc.
  • Dried fruits: raisins, plums, dates, figs, etc.
  • Coffee and teas: green tea, black tea, chamomile, orange, cardamom, jasmine, etc.
  • Salt (iodized natural sea salt)
  • Spices: turmeric, black/red peppers, cinnamon, sage, oregano, garlic, etc.
  • Sweeteners: honey, maple syrup, molasses, coconut sugar, xylitol, stevia, etc.
  • Oils: olive, sesame, grapeseed, coconut, walnut, black seed, mustard seed, etc. (best stored in a metallic or glass container in a cool, dry place)

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  • Liquid Castile Soap
  • Bar soap
  • Toothpaste / toothbrush
  • Shampoo / conditioner
  • Essential oils
  • Laundry soap
  • Non-toxic liquid deodorant
  • Towels
  • Sanitary pads / diapers / undergarments
  • Face masks
  • Surgical mask
  • Alcohol
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Sterile cotton balls, swab, gauze, and pads
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Band-aid strips of all sizes
  • Mesh bandages
  • Analgesic (topical and ingestible)
  • Sterile lancet
  • Tourniquet
  • Liquid iodine
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Antifungal essential oils
  • Aspirin
  • Sterile gloves
  • Magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt)
  • Baking soda (Bicarbonate)
  • Colloidal silver, colloidal gold, etc.
  • Laxative
  • Diarrhea medicine
  • Antihistamine
  • Insect bites ointment
  • Thermometer
  • Bentonite clay
  • Activated charcoal (powdered)
  • Detox tea
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Vitamin C powder
  • Multivitamins / multiminerals (in liquid form)
  • Green powder juice
  • Castor oil
  • Black seed oil
  • Essential oils (tea tree, myrrh, frankincense, lavender, cloves, cedarwood, etc.)

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  • Solar-powered battery charger
  • Water purifier
  • Water purifying drops / Lifestraw
  • Disinfectant
  • Detergent
  • Stainless steel water containers
  • Mobile phones charger
  • USB cords / USB drive
  • Scissors
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Cording
  • Stainless steel kitchen utensils
  • Cast iron pan
  • Waterproof matches
  • Flashlight
  • Candles
  • Rain gear
  • Waterproof pouch
  • Fasteners, safety pins, etc.
  • Sewing kit
  • Emergency communications gear: satellite off-the-grid messaging device

  • Satchel, fanny pack, or anti-theft travel bag
  • Spare cellular phone (charged).
  • MP3 player (Lithium battery operated, with recordings of your favorite sounds and the most endearing voice mail messages from your loved ones.)
  • Reading material (book, map, emergency services directory, etc.)
  • Car maintenance items: motor oil, breaks fluid, car battery, spare tires, etc.
  • Insect control (non-toxic insect repellent and insecticide): boric acid, Borax, neem oil, essential oils, sprayer bottle loaded with liquid soap mixed with water and glass cleaner.
  • Self-defense apparatus.
Its contents usually consist of: light sleeping bag, clean clothing, towels, mini medicine kit, mini hygiene kit, emergency communications device(s), purified drinking water, water purifying drops, superfood snacks, flashlight, lighter/matches, candle, personal items with spiritual or sentimental meaning, writing material: notebook/notepad, pen, envelopes, postage stamps, small laptop/tablet, etc.
This is particularly useful for new parents, elderly people living alone without a support system, for individuals with special needs, and those with limited mobility.
Conventional wisdom dictates that aware people are to prepare for major emergencies once they are announced, whether they eventually occur or not. In the realm of probabilities, the chances of occurrences and non-occurrences are equal.
One commendable caveat about the supreme rulers of the Earth is that they have always warned earthlings of major forthcoming planetary changes. For instance, according to the ancient texts of recorded history, right before the last reset took place, Noah — a man who was known for being endowed with the rare traits of insight and high integrity — was made aware of the forthcoming big flood. The deluge was planned for Earth’s clean up after it had been rendered unsustainable. It was so because most of Earth’s inhabitants were unconscionable beings. They were busy overwhelmingly taking up space, with reckless disregard for established rules of collaborative and symbiotic coexistence. Once advised, Noah immediately began to build his ark in accordance with the specific instructions that he had received: only shelter in the ark a sample of each specie on Earth that was selected to be part of the survival plan. This action allowed the species to implement their role of participating in the grand scheme of life supporting the evolution of consciousness.
While a new reset is currently in the offing, it is never too early to initiate preparedness when a legitimate advisory is in full effect. Understandably, the people who fail to prepare clearly indicate that they are preparing to fail. Everyone is free to exercise their choices. Regardless of who cares to get ready or not ready, remember that cautious optimism is key. Also for memory: “Forewarned is forearmed!
In my book HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, I elaborate on various strategies for detoxifying and nurturing the self and others during times of change.
For more information on how to benefit from various holistic processes:
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