Burn 21 lbs of Excess Body Fat by the Holidays without Dieting

Shedding excess unwanted weight is a lot easier to accomplish than people may think. One of the major keys to burning excess body fat quickly and for good is the implementation of weight management methods that involve results-oriented blueprints. Whoever follows the blueprints with confidence and consistency is soon rewarded with a slimmer and more fit body, without dieting.
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Diets do not work. They never have. All highly trained nutritionists, health scientists, and respected social work professionals have confirmed the futility of dieting as opposed to lifestyle changes.
Over the years, in spite of the heavy usage of dieting methods, one disappointing result has been mainly the production of more fat after dieting. In fact, many weight management professionals believe that conflicting information and yo-yo dieting are the main reasons why dieters often relapse and later end up with more unwanted weight than when they had started before dieting.
There is an endless list of methods that people use for shedding excess fat. Among such methods, the most popular ones are dieting, liposuction, counting calories, popping appetite suppressants pills, skipping meals, fasting, overexercising, eating pre-packaged low-fat / no-fat meals, etc.
The only methodology that has ever worked for fast and consistent fat elimination is a change in lifestyle habits. It is essential to break the pattern of adapting to self-destructive habits. When you routinely and mindlessly engage in unhealthy habits, they soon become your default setting.

“The physical ailments that we have are just expressions of our physical and emotional misalignments.”

                                                                                      ~ Dr. Lynn E. Lind, ND, RN, DNM
Below, I disclose fat burning processes that work safely and quickly. Keeping excess fat off the body for good consists of a skillful combination of nutrition science and attitudinal healing practices that include mindfulness. The body does not unnecessarily produce excess fat when it is in balance with an individual’s emotional and mental states.
Shedding extra weight is a process whereby a person gets to know the self first, then starts connecting the dots that have something to do with all the different levels of the self. First, one is to consider the connection between the physical body and all of the other energetic bodies that operate on the mental, psychological, and spiritual levels. Then, one is to face the fact that fat cells are toxic cells, and proceed to an honest self-detoxification process.
The following recommendations do not involve dieting but are proven to be most useful for rapidly burning unwanted excess body fat and experiencing better health:
1. Move your body.
Exercise in moderation and regularly. Doing so helps you to promote lymphatic cleansing and burn excess calories. The easiest, yet most effective types of exercises consist of:
    . Walking
    . Jogging
    . Dancing
    . Working out at a gym
    . Doing low impact aerobics
    . Pilates
    . Yoga
    . Qi Gong
    . T’ai Chi
In case exercising is not possible or practical, one can greatly benefit from massage therapy performed by a medical massage therapist with competence in lymph drainage. There are also great benefits to using infrared light technologies when massage therapy is not an option.
2. Assess the quality and quantity of fat-building foods and drinks you have been ingesting.
Processed, synthetic, GMO, and pesticide-treated food items are toxic. Toxic foods are acidic therefore acid-forming. An acidic body is an inflamed body.
Toxic foods often contain an overload of saturated animal fats that also produce excess acid besides clogging arteries.
Pesticides mimic estrogens so they promote weight gain. Pesticides-treated foods contribute to excess fat production.
The main problem with toxic foods is that they are conducive to inflammation, a situation that causes the body to break down and cause rapid excess fat production. Oftentimes, people are not even aware that they have long engaged in a self-destruction process by using toxic foodstuff as a weapon against themselves. The sad reality is that a lack of knowledge is at the root cause of the situation.
3. Take a tally of all environmentally toxic items used in the household as well as for personal care and grooming.

Countless microparticles of toxic compounds such as phthalates and Bisphenol A are lurking in the many necessary items used for daily living. They contaminate the food supply from baby food to nutritional supplements. They enter the skin through the pores during the application of personal care and grooming products. The situation also has detrimental effects on the environment. It is a serious problem that is exposed in length throughout my book HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY. The book explains in minute details how to detect and address the problem.
4. Remove all toxic and inflammation-causing foods and drinks from your diet.

. Fast foods
. Gluten-based foods
. Processed sugar.
. Processed wheat.
. Processed fats.
. Meats and dairy products that contain synthetic growth hormones.
. Tomatoes.
. Fried foods.
. Carbonated drinks.
. Alcohol.
. etc…
The above food components contribute to excess body fat due to the fact that they introduce toxins into the body, produce free-radicals, pollute the system with nano plastics found in food packagings, and contain endocrine disruptors. This issue is fully covered in my books.
5. Eliminate all environmentally toxic items used for personal care and grooming.
Surprisingly, many of the toxic items in the household can be undermining health in ways that are totally unsuspected.
Countless cooking utensils and personal care products contain toxic petrochemicals that contribute to ill health. See HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY for a complete list of hazardous items that are used daily by almost everyone, everywhere.
6. Do self-exploration and take an inventory of your toxic emotional load.
Your emotional states directly impact your physical well-being, work performance, goals, and relationships whether they are personal or professional.
Most people are bearing a major emotional load that burdens their minds. Quite often, they are not aware of the deleterious effects that their toxic emotions have over their health and output in life.
An emotional load check includes detecting the ownership of negative emotions that are known to adversely affect the body’s organs:
1. Emotions:   Anger, rage, frustration, and bitterness.
    Affected organs: Liver and gallbladder.
2. Emotions: Jealousy, envy, guilt, and shame.
    Affected organs: Glandular system and sex organs.
3. Emotions: Lack of integrity and hypocrisy.
    Affected organs: Heart and small intestines.
4. Emotions: Anxiety, worry, despair, and lack of self-confidence.
    Affected organs: Stomach and spleen.
5. Emotions: Over-defensiveness, grief, stubbornness, and complacency in prolonged sorrow.
    Affected organs: Lung and colon.
6. Emotions: Blaming and fearing.
    Affected organs: Kidneys and bladder.
Allowing toxic emotions to take a foothold in the system causes the organs that they affect to become depleted to the level of systemic malfunction.
The human body’s structure is intrinsically related to the body’s psychological system. To encourage the body and mind to heal, mitigate, manage, and let go of the toxic emotions, then make peace with the self.
7. Engage in mindfulness-based processes:

    . Mind-clearing
    . Zen meditation.
    . Cognitive behavior therapies.
    . Guided relaxation and guided visualization therapies.
    . and many more…
These processes promote self-awareness with a focus on healing that takes place at a multidimensional level.
8. Perform a full body detox.
It consists of a scientific combination of several modalities, some of which are mentioned below.

(a) Organs cleansing and rebalancing.

    . Herbal preparations – Thermogenic herbs, hormones balancing herbs, etc.
    . Bowel management
    . Sauna
    . etc…
Since we become what we eat, the way to recover from imbalances brought upon the body through the consumption of toxic food items is to do a systemic cleanup.
(b) Emotional cleansing and realigning.
It is a process that addresses toxic emotions and realigns the mental states with constructive and positive emotions.
The body is endowed with intelligence that makes it quite capable of restoring itself when it is relieved from a toxic load and provided with beneficial nutrients for its self-repair.
One of the easiest and best ways to eliminate excess body fat and to keep it off for good is to initiate a systemic detoxification process also referred to as a full body detox.
When all of the above-mentioned no-diet modalities of the full body detox are consistently and conscientiously followed, they cause the body to burn excess body fat at a fast pace, often by 7 lbs a week. At this rate, anyone who is responsive to the process can enjoy a slim and fit body by the holidays.
The full body detox process yields its best results when conducted under the professional guidance of a wellness Therapist who can, not only instruct people on how the process works, but also walk them through it.
In my books GET SLIM EFFORTLESSLY and HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, I elaborate on various strategies for detoxifying and nurturing the self to burn unwanted excess fat to keep the body fit and trim.
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Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey, Ph.D. candidate in Natural Medicine, is a Mind-Body Therapist, Wellness Coach, and Author voted Wellness Expert by peer consensus in 2005. Therapist Lherisson-Bey is the author of the Kindle bestseller HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY as well as the weight management program GET SLIM EFFORTLESSLY. From an original CD, the publication has evolved into an instructional picture book, an eBook, and an effective weight management program. Her works have been featured on TV, radio, and in several magazines in the past 30 years.

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