The Healing Power of Gratitude

Thanksgiving time gives us the opportunity to enjoy the company of endearing loved ones from near and from far, while expressing gratitude during a delightful multicourse fare. At least, that is the way it used to be before the new normal modified the norms of the occasion. From gratitude for our existence to the endless bounties that Source Energy provides, the list of conveniences to be grateful for is endless.
At this opportune time for gratitude, I give heartfelt thanks to the loyal readers of this blog. I am particularly grateful to those who usually send word to say that they look forward to my posts because they find the contents useful, motivating, and transformative.
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Among the infinite numbers of assets that one can be grateful for, the gift of life is undoubtedly the first. Gratitude prompts us to appreciate the priceless gift of our life, as well as the life force that is active in other people. Without other humans, our existence is pointless. Assets, whether material or immaterial, are transferred from one person to another. People have a moral mandate to care for each other if they want to contribute to the process of evolution. Reflecting on gratitude during the pause of that one special day of Thanksgiving is a generator of upliftment that promotes unity consciousness.
Thanksgiving is a ritual that also contributes to helping humans temporarily step out of the autopilot mode that is connected to the escalating social calamity revealing itself as apathetic self-absorption.
Humans are given the gift of life and are expected to give three things back in return: love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

1. Love

Unlike what most people believe, love is not just a feeling. Love is an attitude that is the by-product of care, respect, and unconditional acceptance. People express it by providing to others attention, time, empathy, devotion, faithfulness, generosity, healing, prayers, praise, and all that is good. When we give all that is good to others, it greatly assists them, whether they admit it or not. Humans also express loving-kindness to each other for the glory of the Creator, the Energy Source that dwells in every non-artificial person. Creator demands and expects to be given adoration and glory — and rightfully so — because these attributes are of great value.

2. Forgiveness

It entails letting go of the pain caused by the wrongdoing of others. It also implies not seeking vindication and retaliation after one has been a recipient of harm by people of lower consciousness. However, refraining from reprisals does not prevent one from having access to justice. The caveat is not to take an eye for an eye.

In order to earn the forgiveness of our own faults, we are asked to forgive those who have trespassed against us, regardless of how unworthy of forgiveness they seem to be. (See HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, p. 126).

3. Gratitude

It means sincerely acknowledging the benefits that one has received. It also works with giving something back in the form of praise or offerings whether material or immaterial. Giving back consists of material gifts like currency or immaterial gestures of attention, time, help, service, intentions set for others, and compassion. All honest and benevolent gestures of generosity can honorably complete a cycle of energy exchange.
Because everything that Source does for us is done through other people, then we also give back to Source through other people. What we give to others, we give to Source Energy that is in everyone and everything, therefore within us as well. Consequently, what we do for others, we do for ourselves. “We are one with a universal collective, whether we want it or not.” (See HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, P. 1).
It is tragic when those addicted to apathy and self-preoccupation end up thinking as if giving gratitude to other people in their lives were an admission of weakness.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Among all of the values that are part of love, two characteristics in which people could be investing a lot more integrity happen to be attention and positive intentions.

> Attention is one of the most prized expressions of love. Without attention, everything decays, dies, or disappears, from babies, family members, pets, and plants, to vehicles, businesses, friendships, marriages, and goals. Attention is such a valuable commodity that nothing reaches its highest potential without it.  Everyone and everything thrives on attention. Narcissistic individuals disproportionately crave it and even abuse it, in the same manner that people abuse drugs. Narcissists often use attention as a manipulative tool to express their pleasure or displeasure with other people; by dispensing or withdrawing attention to and from others at will, narcs exercise what they perceive as ego-gratifying control. Celebrities — many of whom are narcissistic — would not exist without adulation and the crowd’s fixated attention on them.

In general, as people age, they tend to give their attention to what does not challenge their ego: social media, pets, and celebrity activities such TV entertainment. However, minimal challenge and steady comfort zone also entail minimal personal growth.

Because attention is vital to humans, particularly those in their formative years, its dispensation is an absolute necessity. Young children that do not receive proper attention eventually get emotionally damaged, and irreversibly sometimes.


Research has demonstrated that lack of care is harmful to the point that many of those who have experienced the trauma of emotional neglect in early childhood may never recover. Emotional neglect is a reflection of apathy in individuals that were damaged by dysfunctional parents or caretakers.

Oftentimes, apathetic and self-preoccupied people suffer from a deficiency of gratefulness. The level of neglect people exhibit toward others is directly proportionate to their own level of neglect for themselves. As mirrors of each other, we humans are wired to see other people not as they are, but as… we are. If damaged individuals are trained to focus on gratefulness rather than complacency in fault-finding, self-absorption, and victimhood, they can benefit from the healing power of gratitude.

> Benevolent Intentions and Prayers. Spiritual people know that praying or setting out positive intentions for others equates a gift, or even an income. Prayers are valuable and that is why they produce miracles at times. People with limited consciousness may not understand or appreciate the value of prayers as an income, but billionaire monarchs do. There is a little-known historic fact about a very wealthy king who built subsidized housing units for the no-income people of his kingdom in Italy, many centuries ago. The rent was $0.88 a year but the recipients of the housing benefit were required to pray for the monarch and his family three times a day, every day.
Quantum physics has proven that when people understand that they have a spiritual obligation to pray for each other and sincerely set out benevolent intentions for the welfare of other beings, everyone benefits.
When humans rise above self-centeredness and set out good intentions for others, the beneficial effects of their actions reverberate all over the Earth. Additionally, when people mentally gather in large enough numbers to focus their intentions on one common benevolent goal consistently enough, if they reach critical mass as their numbers represent 1% of the world’s population, they can shift any paradigm together. Project Noosphere is an example of this phenomenon.
There is power in numbers and intention, even though the intention that we set for others is a non-material gift.
A chronic lack of interest in expressing gratitude often indicates that the active apathy in question is a reflection of lowered states of consciousness. Apathy —  a toxic situation that is pathogenic — is one of the lowest states of being. It ranks at 50 out of 1,000, as seen on Dr. David Hawkin‘s Map of Consciousness.

Wherever apathy and ungratefulness prevail, there is ill-health, incoherence, and chaos.

If genuine exuberance, uplifting emotions, and a desire to joyfully connect with others are lacking, it is a sign that apathy has taken over someone’s life.
When someone detects that they have issues with apathy and chronic self-preoccupation, it is high time to start detoxifying the self because these conditions are indicative of a state of consciousness that invites dis-ease.
Once detoxification is completed, one of the best ways to complete the healing process is to undertake the very powerful daily practice of meditating with Project Noosphere and performing The Five Earth Touchings based on Zen mindfulness.
Through The Five Earth Touchings, we practice giving daily gratitude for:
  1. Our Ancestors. They consist of all the members of our family lineage who have completed their life cycle on Earth and taken their journey to the Light. Their blood is flowing through our veins.
  2. Our predecessors. All being from the Native tribes of pre-Columbian times to the settlers who wrote the Constitution. For us to occupy the land, they have built the infrastructure and dwellings, created institutions such as schools, hospitals, social services, courts, museums, places of worship, temples for personal development, and more.
  3. Our heroes. They have paid a high price with their lives for justice, freedom, and our civil liberties. We honor heroes of all cultures and creed regardless of what part of the planet they have influenced.
  4. Our tormentors. They have rendered us stoic and wiser. They have compelled us to discover our shadow-self and incoherences. They have assisted us to understand, and use our own power to vanquish evil. It is a priceless and valuable talent to be capable of expressing sincere gratitude for our life lessons, whether they were experienced through manure, torture, or pleasure. The factions of the Nemesis have viciously destroyed our lives, persecuted us, tormented us, mocked us, made us less than, stolen from us, sabotaged our projects, assassinated our character, deceived us, and disempowered us so they could defile our children. Because our tormentors were victims of abuse with lower consciousness, they instinctively knew how to abuse us in turn. We are aware that their spiritual growth is gravely stunted, but they have been effective teachers of life for us. The tormentors’ lower levels of consciousness made them well suited for the vile, contrived, but necessary role that they had to play. Everything was perfect for the plot. We were the unpolished stone and they were the sandpaper. By the time they got done applying the abrasiveness and harshness that got us well polished, we learned our lesson. We began to shine and they became useless. The gift was revealed in the fact that our tormentors have assisted us in discovering how fortunate we are for having been trained in the practice of mindfulness that teaches us forgiveness and gratitude for all the lessons of our life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  5. Our Earth. She gives us everything from habitat and resources to nurture, from the beauty of nature to all healing medicines, and much, much more.
By practicing mindfulness and gratitude, one can facilitate healing from the negative and harmful emotions that cause ungratefulness and illness, whether physical, emotional, or mental. All that is on Earth is inexorably and intrinsically connected. It is not happiness that brings us gratitude; it is gratitude that brings happiness. When healing is initiated at the level of appreciating our oneness with humanity and with Earth, it is bound to result in more harmonious states of consciousness that are conducive to fitness, serenity, and appreciation.
At this time and forever, I send out my intentions for peace, healing, abundance, fortitude, and gratitude to all beings endowed with life force, on planet Earth and in the Universe.
In my book HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, I elaborate on the importance of practicing care and nurture of the self and others through love, forgiveness, and gratitude for the wellness of body and mind.

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