Managing Change During Shifting Times

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

By now, it must be quite evident that the ‘new normal’ is a long-term agenda for a radical shift from the current way of living on planet Earth. At this time, planetary energies are being recalibrated to accommodate the observation and alteration of mismatched vibrational frequencies during a process of DNA modification, transhumanism, and systematic digitization.

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All humans who have experienced drastic and sudden changes in the year 2020 have also felt the disturbance associated with the shift.  No major change happens without a certain amount of chaos. It is clear that attempting to fit a three-dimensional mentality into a five-dimensional reality is an exercise in futility.
Many people are nostalgic about their pre-Covid-19 lifestyle. Some are still hoping that things will return to the way they were. The old paradigm was neither in alignment with a standard way of life, nor was it sustainable: (1) The environment was being overwhelmed with toxic pollutants; (2) People were self-absorbed, greedily self-indulgent, and selfishly indifferent; (3) Overcompetition and the fight for survival had been fierce; (4) Human sufferings had become unbearable. Because the former way of life was unsustainable, the paradigm had to be reset.
It is a routine procedure for a major paradigm shift to be engineered on Earth every two thousand years, in compliance with the requirements of evolution.

What does not work must be dis-created and replaced.
The current shift is an event that was described in every ancient text pertaining to world history, with revelations about the past and future. The books containing the ancient texts clearly delineate the codes of conduct that humans are to follow while living on Earth. The texts also issue an advisory regarding future events that are part of a grand plan. Every major project entails an exit strategy. The regents of the substantial piece of real estate that Gaia happens to be, reserve the right to dictate the rules of tenancy on their property as well as the timeline.
In the old normal times, people’s priorities were grossly misplaced and unfair exploitation was pandemonium. Scores of merchants were operating by reprehensible predatory business practices, exploiting the very customers that were supporting their livelihood, often at the cost of enormous sacrifices. Dance performers with gluteus maximus-gyrating power who catered to the lower appetites of the masses were propelled to the status of deity and on top of the food chain. At the same time, many visionaries, protective parents, and quality professionals with the ability to care and heal, work hard and diligently, were being dishonored, undervalued, disenfranchised, and disgraced for sharing their wisdom and knowledge in assistance others who had no recourse.
What seems worst of all, though, is that even the leaders don’t recognize this. The greatest danger of the whole mess is that all this Western-American conditioning has been on autopilot for centuries. Nobody is in control of it anymore. It’s a mindless goliath wandering the Earth, devouring lives, erasing potential, and following its every whim—regardless of how irrational, obscene, uneducated, enslaving, or backwards its actions are. The American Dream has become a death sentence of drudgery, consumerism, and fatalism: a garage sale where the best of the human spirit is bartered away for comfort, obedience and trinkets. It’s unequivocally absurd.” 
― Zoltan Istvan, The Transhumanist Wager
         Source:, 2020
From an evolutionary point of view, the expectation that the old normal will be re-instated is unrealistic: the new normal has already been set into motion and it appears that things are not intended to go back to the old dysfunctional ways. The world had slipped into a mode of misguided behaviors featuring a focus on greed-oriented deception and self-centeredness. This unfortunate attitude has had dire repercussions on the entire globe.
The Earth’s population has been propelled into a collective simulation that somehow seems to have an uncanny connotation of transhumanism. The process of transhumanism is an artificial intelligence type of transformation that allows a natural person to be bio-enhanced in order to function beyond the normal scope of the human experience. Now, humans must be prepared to fully familiarize themselves with the way artificial intelligence runs the show through a whole gamut of possibilities encompassing the good, the bad, and the ugly. The caption “adapt or self-destruct” seems to be a good fit for the process.
From sleep disruption to interruptions in the ways that business was conducted, all aspects of human life have been modified.  The members of the human collective have been reporting various bodily symptoms that they had never experienced before. Current events have been adversely affecting people’s morale. The fears associated with concerns about health, besides major anxiety about financial uncertainty, have been lethal for many: the suicide rate has risen. On the streets of Las Vegas, countless homeless people have been sitting and sleeping on the ground in the stench of their urine and defecation, right in front of posh casino hotels where hedonistic guests are gambling big bucks and buying dead celebrity memorabilia at the rate of hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece. Derelicts of all types are in critical need of mental health intervention. In this do-or-die epic unfoldment of events, it is more than evident that an urgent upgrade in consciousness is absolutely necessary.

Why raise consciousness?

It is essential to upgrade one’s consciousness if one wishes to operate at the full level of the human potential. Humans are being prompted to participate in a process of quantum evolution that is commensurate with the level of spiritual preparedness that merely a few chosen people have mastered. This is a selective opportunity being offered to the conscious and aware people living on the planet. What differentiates a quantum being from an unevolved earthling is their levels of consciousness reflecting their vibrational frequencies (e.g. a person capable of consistently expressing the qualities of love, forgiveness, care, and integrity vs. an individual who functions through apathy, lies, excuses, and deception). What differentiates humans from animals is the ability to think, reason, and exercise ethical behavior.

How to upgrade consciousness?

There are unlimited ways of elevating consciousness. The methods that one chooses to utilize may vary, but all of them eventually lead to the same goal.
Usually, a consciousness upgrade involves raising one’s personal vibrational frequency. In order to accomplish this objective, one must become aware of the following universal principles:
1. We, sentient beings living on the planet are energetically connected, in spite of an illusion of physical separation. (See HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, p.1).
2. The energies that affect one also affect all, including the Planet.
3. Attitudes and intentions have enormous power and must be utilized as healing tools rather than deadly weapons against each other. 
4. Ignorance of the above rules will not prevent anyone from failing the grade that qualifies a human as an evolved being —  if ranking at 500 and above — on Dr. Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness
In order to elevate one’s consciousness, one must use some of the many techniques that are available. The following information reveals the most practical methods that have been utilized since the dawn of civilization:
    It includes vibration-raising practices such as:
  • Brain entrainment.
  • Heart coherence exercises.
  • Meditation.

     (Enter Noosphere’s virtual meditation room here). 


    One can do so by using:
  • Light.
  • Sound frequencies.
  • Vibrational remedies such as flower essences.


Through the process of detoxification, a chaotic person – that is a toxic person who is disconnected from Source Energy, the self, and the world – can have their frequency range recalibrated for a new experience of energetic coherence. Detoxification rebalances the whole energetic system. It usually starts producing results within days. As the person initiates the shedding of toxins, they finally become capable of releasing toxic thoughts and emotions. Additionally, they start making healthier choices of food, lifestyle, and hobbies. This action usually results in rapidly visible and measurable, effortless weight reduction.
As soon as people engage in a detoxification process, they begin to make corrections to erratic, chaotic behaviors involving delinquency reflecting as forgetfulness and excuse-making. This action effortlessly assists the people in aligning their different levels of the self with Source, therefore with harmony.
All of the above information is valuable and should be considered as an essential commodity rather than accessory data.
One does not necessarily need a crash course in cyber existence as a prerequisite to understanding what type of changes are in the offing. At this time of shifting norms, civil liberties, privacy, and dignity are likely to become obsolete. One must, however, make every effort to let go of duality consciousness and the fear that something terribly wrong is going on. Illusion is supreme in a time of reset.
A  modicum of knowledge about quantum physics and quantum mechanics can, however, greatly assist in understanding the holographic nature of the whole experience called life. It can also contribute to rising above the present levels of bewilderment and despair that prevail in the world today. In spite of the major inconveniences, there is a gift in the current shift. The gift is the revelation that humans are energetic beings capable of manifesting the experience of a holographic virtual reality based on their beliefs, dominant thoughts, and subconscious programming.
The following resources can assist seekers in accomplishing their goal of managing impediments and manifesting their desires:
1. The 7-minute mindfulness exercise =>
2. The Light Codes =>
3. The BioEnergy Codes =>
Through the mindful management of change during this process of dynamic adaptation to the New Earth, humans who prepare for the event can maintain stoicism and a reasonable measure of sanity. 
May peace and fortitude be established on Earth in the forthcoming New Year and beyond!

In my book HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, I elaborate on the importance of raising one’s consciousness for the wellness of body and mind.

For more information on how to benefit from various holistic processes:
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