Is Racism Curable?

By Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

In the past few weeks, the world’s population has had an upgrade in consciousness about racism. The upgrade happened soon after George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man, was murdered by a Caucasian policeman. Since mid-May 2020, people of all races, ethnic groups, creeds, and ages have been marching and rallying all over the Planet to demand justice and protest police brutality against Blacks.

Even though the protests have been peaceful, countless protestors have been the recipients of attacks and assaults by white supremacists. Many cities have experienced a rash of looting and vandalism by criminals from special interest groups. It is evident that the intent is to cast a shadow on peaceful protests and blur the lines between groups that have different agendas.

In late May, when Van Jones stated on CNN that racism is like a virus affecting all Whites, his statement made a point, but it was incomplete. The reality is that racism exists in everyone living on Earth, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, education, profession, economic status, social standing, or religion. Many hard-core racists call themselves God-fearing people. They do not understand that God is not an outside entity but the force within each human. Every human is an aspect of God. If people stopped fearing God to start loving God, racism would probably taper off. Fear is a toxic emotion and love is a healing emotion. Fear is also an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real.

Malignant hatred has infected the vast majority of humans alive today. It is a program passed down genetically, socially, subliminally, as well as energetically. Most infected humans are probably not very likely to change their program, even in these times of global marches for justice and equality. Some people are openly racist and others are closet racists. There are other people who did not even know they were racist until they were caught off-guard. Even couples in committed interracial relationships or marriages are sometimes guilty of using racial epithets to denigrate each other.

Some individuals either have a short memory or their brain is not wired to process the lessons found in historic situations where racism had devastated the lives and potential of millions of humans for thousands of years.

Since the dawn of humanity, in more than enough ways, history has demonstrated that:

  1. Racism is encoded in all beings. There exists conscious and unconscious racism in all people living in all parts of the world. Racism is globalized and systemic.
  2. Racism has always been rampant on the Planet. World history is saturated with tales of racist killings. Racism is a by-product of hatred. The emotion of hatred started at the level of the nuclear family and has spread worldwide. Hatred is the pathological behavior that Cain historically displayed when he murdered his brother Abel. Hatred has metastasized in the world throughout the ages.

Historic Data on Racism and Conflicting Ethnic Groups on Planet Earth

Whites v. Blacks White police kill 3 times more Blacks than Whites.
Whites v. Asians Whites assaulting Asians re. “Chinese virus”.
Whites v. Browns Gulf war bombing.
Whites v. Multi-ethnics Pittsburgh synagogue attack (2019).
Whites v. Whites White on White homicide rate: 84% in the US.
Blacks v. Whites Blacks killing white farmers in South Africa.
Blacks v. Asians 85% of murders of Asians in the US.
Blacks v. Browns Black gangs killing Hispanics in LA.
Blacks v. Multi-ethnics 38% of murders of Multi-ethnics in the US.
Blacks v. Blacks Black on Black homicide rate: 93% in the US.
Asians v. Whites Japanese attack on US’s Pearl Harbor (1941).
Asians v. Blacks Killing of Latasha Harlins (1991).
Asians v. Brown [ Under reported ]
Asians v. Multi-ethnics [ Under reported ]
Asians v. Asians Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598).
Browns v. Whites [ Under reported ]
Browns v. Blacks Mexican/Latino gang’s war on Chicago Blacks.
Browns v. Asians [ Under reported ]
Browns v. Multi-ethnics New York City Latinos attacks on Jews.
Browns v. Browns [ Under reported ]
Multi-ethnics v. Whites Native Hawaiian children harass blonde children.
Multi-ethnics v. Blacks Arab slave trade of S. Africans 8th+19th centuries.
Multi-ethnics v. Asians [ Under reported ]
Multi-ethnics v. Browns [ Under reported ]
Multi-ethnics v. Multi-ethnics Hindu/Pakistani racism against S. East Asians.

Within the conflicting groups, the grievances of one group are no more justified than that of any other group. The main difference between dissenting groups is their level of consciousness.

The only groups of people on Earth that are not reported as involved in racist clashes happen to be the Tibetans and Indigenous Native Americans.  Even though they have been viciously maligned for thousands of generations these people’s levels of consciousness reflect tolerance, compassion, authentic devotion to Mother Earth, and the advanced spirituality that they practice.

Planet Earth is not a place where one incarnates to live in harmony. Established institutions profit the most when the world is in a state of chronic and irreversible conflict. Earth is comparable to an observatory in the nature of a laboratory featuring a cesspool of different organisms living in conflict with each other. The cesspool is mainly composed of dysfunctional people and a few functional ones. Each dysfunctional person is exercising their ability to misbehave and find out how far they can violate societal rules of conduct and get away with compliance. Dysfunctional people expect more functional people to solve their problems for them because they have no choice.

Upon thorough scrutiny, one finds out that racism is comparable to a metastatic malignancy of the most widespread kind. Some special interest groups connected to organized crime have made a career out of racism.

Racists often attack and antagonize people that they perceive as being different from them. Most of the time, racists attack while unprovoked. Additionally, racist attackers have a track record of quickly positioning themselves as ‘victims’ of the ones they have attacked. Projection is a masterful artifice that involves decoys, lies, deception, and counter-projection used to have the upper hand.

At this moment, power and control are at play in devious ways. There is a malicious trend in social media: people pick anything somebody says or does to distort facts and use their misinterpretation as an excuse to overreact and display hatred. It does not matter what the bone of contention might be, anything gets redirected toward making race, territory, or nationality an issue. It is a situation that indicates how low some people’s vibrational frequency happens to be.

The more energy one feeds to hatred, the more powerful it gets. The more fear there is behind acts of hatred, the more momentum it gives to cruelty.


Mental health statistics show that usually, one out of five people experiences mental illness. One out of twenty people suffers from a serious mental illness.

Statistics also provide evidence that most police officers have severely impaired judgment due to irreversible psychological damage caused by alcohol, drug addictions, and PTSD.

Unprovoked racist attacks are indicators of the existence of serious mental malignancy and toxicity in people. Most individuals are overly toxic. Their bodies are overloaded with pathogens, fungi, parasites, and multiple harmful microorganisms caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, sugar, wheat, impure meats, toxic substances, and all kinds of unmentionables. A toxic way of life adversely affects people’s moods and behaviors.

Hatred has its inception within the self. Inveterate alcoholics, drug addicts, self-mutilating, and vice-filled people have a deep-seated issue with self-hatred. Whatever stigma they have within themselves, they project it onto others because it is hard to deal with alone.

The mind of some humans afflicted with the toxicity of racism is always looking for reasons to validate their victimization of others. Even when there are no reasons to attack, deranged people will conveniently invent one. In some cases, even when their victims did nothing but breathe air, mentally unstable accusers will find something for which to blame their prey. This way, they feel justified. This is just an old ego-driven trick that operates in the minds of people of lower consciousness.

“Let no man pull you down low enough to hate him.”

~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Some individuals are so damaged that their level of consciousness is around 150, just a notch above animal consciousness. On Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, the variables range from 1 to 1,000. In the jungle, the use of brute force and the ‘kill or be killed’ mentality reign supreme.

People must be taught that allowing racist programs to take over their thinking and behaviors not only short-changes them by limiting their human potential and hindering their evolution but also regresses them to the level of jungle animals.

Nowadays, thanks to videography, one does not need to travel to the wilderness to experience the feel of low animal consciousness in full operation. There is ample and irrefutable proof of malignant racism by all types of people everywhere.

Most people are only addressing the visible effects of racial inequality but not its causes. It is a monumental task to address the matter of racism at the level of its root causes. Even when the malignancy is properly addressed, there is no guaranty that resolution-based efforts can get it under control. Re-education alone may not even be enough to become salient. For possible results, it might take massive mind reprogramming. It would involve putting emphasis on evolved, sanitized awareness, and systemic detoxification. It might take several generations for the sanitization process to produce the effect of measurably curbing racism.

For racism to be possibly curbed, it must be addressed within and outside of the same structures that have generated its inception: family, education, religion, and entertainment. None of these social structures can help decrease racism without major reform. Not one structure can show results without the collaboration of the others. Reform is imperative because one cannot solve problems at the level of the same mindset that has started the issues in the first place.


At this time, a complex interplay of energy is developing regarding the origins of humans. A lot of aware people now understand why there cannot be peace and unity on Earth:

There are different types of people on Earth. The main types are:

  • Humans with two strands of DNA. [Sentient beings that exhibit good, bad, and ugly behaviors.]
  • Humans with more than two strands of DNA. [Sentient beings said to be bio-enhanced and are more advanced in intelligence and fitness acumen.]
  • Humans with suppressed strands of DNA. [Sentient beings that have abnormalities and limitations in their functioning. They are more prone to illnesses].
  • Hybrids of humans and artificial intelligence (AI). [Semi-sentient beings that are the product of transhumanism. They are unpredictable, often dangerous, exhibit reduced or unstable human emotions, antisocial behaviors, and bi-polarity.  Many of them fall into the category of psychopaths and narcissistic sociopaths.]
  • Hybrids of humans and animal DNA. [Semi-sentient beings of low consciousness that can look very human-like however are untrustworthy. They have a tendency to express more of their animal nature under certain circumstances.]
  • Non-humans. Robotic artificial intelligence mimicking humans. [Non-sentient beings totally devoid of human emotions and humanity. They can be phenomenal imitators of humans and cold-blooded killers as well. They are pre-programmed, deceptive, dangerous, and were created to instigate chaos in the lives of humans. Some of them are holographic in nature.]

It is evident that the inhabitants of Earth were not intended to be compatible.

In the above video, Linda Moulton Howe, Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and holder of an M.A. degree from Stanford University, speaks on the above-mentioned matter regarding DNA hybridization:

Many humans are subjected to subliminal commands directing them. These commands are similar to computer programs. Their purpose is to produce behaviors of different types, from controlling and disturbing to compulsively destructive. Some beings are pre-programmed to foment hatred and chaos against whoever is accessible.



The Plus Side — For the most part, families usually have an innate sense of unity. Many family members are capable of expressing cohesion and sometimes say: “We are one.”

The Minus Side — Family members tacitly act with a divided mind: “We are all racists in unity and in divisiveness.”

Family by itself cannot reform racism: since the embryonic stage, offspring inherit the energetic frequency of racist parents and all racist ancestors. Whatever a racist pregnant mother has thought of, the child in her womb becomes energetically encoded with the energetic frequency of the thought. Whatever racist people have thought, said, and done around a pregnant woman has been processed by both the pregnant woman and the child in her womb. Through the process of genetic replication, racism has been passed down for millions of generations.

Family members usually lack objectivity when there is interracial marriage within their groups. When some members comment on the marriage, there usually is disagreement. Some members might say: “She has avenged the race.” while others might state: “She has betrayed the race.” Both stances are racist. There is nothing to avenge and there is no one betrayed.


The Plus Side — Many educational institutions give equal opportunities to their applicants.

The Minus Side — There is no evidence that the world’s educational system has ever dedicated time and efforts to teach tolerance in schools. The only philosophy that has focused on teaching tolerance is Buddhism, a way of life that some people have misinterpreted as a religion. Some traditional colleges and universities have had openly racist high-powered people running them. There are countless racist university professors disparaging minorities and poisoning the minds of students.

If the educational system were serious about controlling racism, it would mandate daily classes on race relations and non-violent communications from kindergarten to the post-graduate level.


The Plus Side — Most religions teach that all people have one Creator: God the Father. The historic Father’s Prayer starts as: “Our Father who art in heaven…” Churchgoers do not pray to their Black Father or their White Father. They pray to one Father and that implies that all people on Earth are the Father’s children, and that makes them brothers and sisters.

Religion has written rules of unity and freedom to dwell anywhere: “… And God made from one man every nation of mankind, to live on all the face of the Earth, having determined their appointed time, and the boundaries of their habitation.” ~ Acts 17:26

The Minus Side — Even though Creator has set standards that all members of creation see each other as brothers and sisters honoring him as one Father for all, people still engage in acts of racism. A lot of such people are God-fearing people who go to church and say the Lord’s Prayer mindlessly. They repeat words without the mental capacity to see others as their ‘brothers and sisters’.

History shows that some southern Baptist churches and universities have used biblical passages to demean Blacks and endorse slavery. The Blacks were seen as being outside of the Father’s family and the human family.

Although many religions promote unity, they also promote bigotry at the same time. They do it by teaching separation and subdivision through divisive epithets. A non-Christian is called an ‘unbeliever’, a non-Jew is referred to as a ‘goy or gentile’, a non-Moslem is judged as an ‘infidel’, a remarried divorcee is cast out as an ‘adulterer’, and the list can go on a lot farther. Even in non-religious schools of mysticism, a non-initiate is sometimes classified as a ‘profane’. In some mainstream groups of organized religion, sanctimonious congregants are commanded to remain sectarian within their own group. Oftentimes, it is done for the purpose of performing ethnic alteration or hiding organized crime, child abuse, and incest.

Biblical quote: “And he said to them: ‘You yourselves know how unlawful it is for a man who is a Jew to associate with a foreigner or to visit him; and yet, God has shown me that I should not call any man unholy or clean.‘ ~ Acts 10:28″

During biblical times, Jews were mostly a tribe of black and brown people enslaved by Egyptians. They were multi-ethnic. At some point, Moses pulled them out of Egypt and the tribe members established their territory in a desert where they remained confined throughout 40 years. This time span correlates to the interval when the desert Jews were only allowed to procreate with whites in order to produce pale offspring over the course of two generations.

The above facts explain why, in today’s times, brown Jews of African descent are obsessed with their cultural and religious mandate: marrying their children to white Jews because it is their cultural, ancestral, and mental programming.

George Carlin once stated that black Jews were the only group of people on Earth who were able to successfully manipulate their genes. Within two generations, their grandchildren’s construct turned out to be that of tall, blonde, and blue-eyed humans:

In the 1940s Gamal Abdel Nasser, second President of Egypt, said to Askenazi Jews: “You have left Egypt black and returned from the desert white. You are impostors!

There is no human law stating that people cannot be who they desire to be, so genes alteration through miscegenation is their human right. Considering the egregious racism that Jews have endured in ancient Egypt and Nazi Europe, they have the right to alter their DNA. It is perhaps one of the most effective strategies one can devise for the protection of the self from intolerant predators, enslavement, and ethnic cleansing.


The Plus Side — The US has a motto: “One Nation under God indivisible.”

The Minus Side — The motto is not put into practice. Because government as a structure is a mere reflection of the people that run it, any semblance of efforts to curb racism can only end up echoing the polarized ideologies of those people.

There is always a battle between political parties: Republicans battling to defeat Democrats; Conservatives fighting Liberals, the Communist Party v. the Socialist Party, and the list goes on to an infinity of subgroups.

There have always been ideological conflicts among  governmental subgroups:

There is a huge number of racist derelicts running different branches of government, many of them are weaponizing the minds of the people within different venues, especially the court system and the law enforcement arena. Some policemen have stated on camera: “We only kill black people’.

When ethnic people are called ‘minorities’, the epithet is not intended to categorize those people as being in lesser numbers. It is a code word for ‘people considered to be irresponsible, immature adults unable to take care of themselves.’


The plus side — The entertainment industry has numerous factually correct movies and documentaries on tolerance and social justice. The media has the ability to transmit information quickly and effectively.

The minus side — The mainstream media focuses awareness on people’s polarization and promotes division. The movie industry has an excessive focus on violence in its movies. Cops reality show violence has replaced cowboy movie violence. The belligerence depicted in motion pictures often provides an adrenaline rush and catharsis to the viewers. Besides police violence, the shows feature racial profiling, stereotyping, and denigration.

Because none of the above social structures is capable of correcting the malignancy of racism by itself, correction can only take place in the area of reform on an individual level. In a world where few people hold themselves accountable for their actions, reform is a tall order.

The world has not yet learned how to be multicultural. It might be delusional to even fathom that racism can ever be eradicated unless radical action takes place and unless the world’s agenda is modified.

Societal institutions promote cognitive dissonance through polarization. All the facts stated above lead to the conclusion that in a world of assigned inequities and routinely condoned violence, petitioning for equality is not enough.


The concept of equality, liberty, and justice for all is a myth. There cannot be equality on a planet designed to operate as a breeding ground for evolution through inequities and inequality. Anyone who states that ‘all people are equal’ usually forgets to add ‘but there are different grades of equality’. People are more or less endowed with different models of human attributes but they are far from being even. People differ in size, height, weight, endurance, speed, personality types, thinking capabilities, mental capacity, wellness, agendas, talents, degrees of sanity, levels of awareness, and levels of consciousness.

The inequality agenda is so laser-focused that there are special interest groups solely operating to maintain the status quo. Their task is to instigate chaos every time it appears that some form of peace is being established on Earth.

The world is based on a caste system where each ethnic group has its own guards up, its own prejudices, and a huge number of grievances against other groups. There is not one group that is not pitted against another. Everywhere in the world, there is a sense of divisiveness. Someone seen as an outsider may be tolerated but not always accepted, integrated, or assimilated within other groups.

Some people are rejected by all ethnic groups, including their own. They do not — and cannot — have a sense of belonging anywhere. The members of their own tribe reject them if they have slight dissimilarities. The group can be as small as a family of four.

Individuals vying for just equality may be looking to fulfill only a portion of their human needs.

In today’s socially unstable climate, when the truth is distorted to the benefit of over-reactive unstable individuals that have a vested interest in maintaining chaos, it is essential to not only focus on equality but to demand respect.

Only those who are capable of demonstrating that they are worthy of respect can deserve it.


All humans live in a hierarchical society that equates a caste system requiring people to segregate in order to adapt, evolve, and thrive. They must comply or self-destruct if they are not destroyed first. For a lot of individuals, what is different in their opinion appears not just as different, but threatening or dangerous. Humans are wired to systematically destroy everything that appears to be a threat or a danger to them.

Racist people are territorial: they assault people daily, telling them to go back to their country, while those people are in their country by legal rights.

While people are focusing their attention on racial inequalities in specific groups of humans, the reality is that there is not a single ethnic or racial group in the world that is not pitted against another group. Many people are in conflict with the people within the subdivided clusters that are within their own group.

Conflict is encountered in all the subdivisions of groups all the way down to the nuclear family.

Based on the principle that whatever is in the macrocosm is in the microcosm, there is evidence that humans are one. We are said to be one just as the stars are one with the cosmos in the macrocosm and the blood cells are units of the blood in the microcosm.

Some of the criteria that make people appear dangerous are:

  1.  Appearance as it relates to ethnicity.
  2. Foreign accent. An accent is sometimes perceived as threatening to some people who have never traveled outside of their town or county, yet their country. Hearing an accent causes some people to act suspiciously. Whereas monolinguists are limited to a single language, a lot of them do not even master their own mother tongue. Multilinguists, on the other hand, oftentimes master six or more languages and their multicultural skills are a lot more expansive.
  3. Religious and cultural differences.
  4. Personal ideologies.
  5. Personal presentation, e.g. manner of dressing.
  6. Social status.

Irrational fear is an expression of paranoia.


Studies on the human genome have shown that all humans are biologically equal. World history shows that humans are considered to be unequal as our oneness is infinitely fragmented. Life is a chessboard for dominators and dominated people.

In the business world, when it comes to educational levels, financial status, and social ranking, the janitor is not equal to the chairman of the board, the home health aide is not equal to the top surgeon, the shoe-shine man is not equal to the shoe designer mogul.

In counterculture circles, people with a deep sense of victimization have been purposely isolating themselves from mainstream society and operating within their own bubble so as to feel protected. These people distort the English language and violate the laws of grammar in an effort to establish their own dialect as a well-meaning but misguided way of affirming their separateness.

Members of some subcultural groups opt to defy mainstream society’s dress code by wearing obscene garbs just to prove separateness and symbolically grieve their victimization in a negative fashion. Their pariah behavior is a red flag that advertises their need for self-immolation.

Other individuals with the same sense of victimization show disdain for education and societal norms of decency. They liberally communicate with a 30-word vocabulary system that is compulsively punctuated by profanity indicative of the functions of excretion and the act of indecent copulation. These people exhibit behaviors indicating that they are stuck at the survival level and are not likely to ever become self-actualized in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, the aberrant behaviors seen above are indicative of racism and bring negative attention to the people that engage in them. These individuals end up locked into their own bubble of victimhood. The intrinsic racism that causes them to express disdain for mainstream society is a vibrational frequency rendering them easy preys to victimizers. Where negative attention goes, energy flows.

In HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, I demonstrate that there are no isolated structures and that applies to all that we do. When one person in any specific group engages in self-deprecating behavior, their actions dishonor not just the person but the whole group. As a consequence, being in dishonor causes stigmatization and negative value judgment for everyone, even those that do not endorse the behavior. Many neutral people have paid a high price with their lives due to unfair stigmatization caused by the truancy of other members of their tribe.

For the interplay of energetic interactions to help humans fulfill the purpose of co-existing through chaotic experiences, one must remember that Earth is an observatory of evolution requiring us to exercise compassion for the self and others. Some humans are on Earth to learn their lessons through the highs and lows of their vibrational frequencies. Because of the interplay that is in effect, the interactions are usually chaotic. For illustration purposes:

  1. One person may endure testing experiences with a highly educated white professional billionaire living in several mansions but is afflicted by issues of addictions and white-collar criminality.
  2. Another person may have to put up with an uneducated homeless black criminal dealing drugs in a ghetto, but who excels at humble but valuable tasks such as animal rescue and caretaking.

Either way, the experience has the same requirements: the reconciliation of differences through higher understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

According to Dolores Cannon, Planet Earth is a territory that ancient master geneticists have seeded with different ethnic groups in order to observe how beings evolve or devolve through social interactions throughout the millennia. [Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014) was a world-renowned hypnotherapist and author of 17 books.

For 20 years, Dolores Cannon was a military wife.  For 40 years, she was a hypnotist and author. Her writings mainly consist of reports concerning outstanding facts and discoveries gathered through her regressions sessions with her clients.]  

The most racist people on Earth are those whose genetic lineage reveals black or brown DNA that has been concealed and altered for generations out of fear of being shamed. Due to projection and counter-projection issues, when a racist sees a brown or black person, it reminds them of the shame and oppression that their black/brown ancestors may have endured. A racist pale person with some black DNA traits may choose to attack, vilify, and/or kill a darker individual just because that person simply reminds them of their ancestry’s shame.

In almost all people, there is a certain amount of good within their worst traits as well as a certain amount of evil within their best traits. The tao of yin and yang teaches us to balance opposing forces and seeing the value in the plus and minus sides of all situations.


In all people, there is an extensive range of energetic frequencies that causes them to sense whether they are attracted to other beings or repelled by them. Usually, people associate with others for survival purposes and all types of human needs. When humans do not feel compatible with others, a lot of them strategize to clear their territory from anyone that represents a challenge. Sometimes, the clearing is tragic.

Regardless of the lack of compatibility among humans, hybrids, and non-humans, one must sometimes look beyond ethnicity and appearances to understand the grander scheme of life. Many people believe that diversity promotes unity. They choose to override societal barriers to diversity with a vision for a unified humanity.

What validates the potential for this vision is the fact that many different ethnic groups are coming together to support the peace movement. It is empowering people to protest racial injustices and petition for equality.

Humans have a huge potential for peace powered by their heart-centered qualities. As social beings, they enjoy other’s company through activities related to food, music, intellectual and physical intercourse, as well as spiritual interactions.

Millions of people have recently shown solidarity in fighting systemic injustice in the United States. Because people of all races and ethnicities have joined Blacks in recent protests, some racists are beginning to examine their conscience, at least those that have a conscience. Now evidence shows that a few racists have demonstrated a desire to be relieved from the burden of hatred that has unconsciously made them feel ashamed of themselves.

At this time when an upgrade in consciousness is prompting the shedding of hatred, it is important to seize the present moment and give momentum to healing. The current joining of all ethnic groups envisioning peace as a common goal is a unique occurrence in world history.


For generations, numerous heroic peace activists and therapists have motivated the masses to reconsider racism. On the individual level, many people have chosen to promote diversity through interracial unions and miscegenation in order to foster unification.

To heal racism, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All great peace activists and therapists have already given to the world actionable blueprints for experiencing peace and harmony through healing.

From a therapeutic point of view, the blueprints are as follows:

  1. Get treated at the levels of mind and body – Racism is an indicator of pathological behavior. This type of pathology has its roots in multi-generational programming compounded with heavy toxicity. We cannot change our world until we change ourselves.
  2. Explore mental clearing and mind reprogramming. Both techniques use mindfulness variables to produce a shift. Mental clearing helps purge the cellular memory from counterproductive codes and toxic programs whether they are generational, societal, or subliminal. Mind reprogramming installs new and more effective programs of higher awareness in the person’s consciousness through behavior modification.
  3. Clean up your diet to lessen self-intoxication. A diet high in toxic foods such as processed sugar, wheat, artificial food products, and impure meat such as pork causes illness, mental and physical. People inevitably become what they eat. Pork and bottom feeders like catfish and shellfish contribute to immune dysfunction due to parasitic infestation and toxic overload. Out-of-control parasites that inhabit and infect the human body, heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, and cadmium, all have the ability to cause severe mental impairment.
  4. Seek help when afflicted by self-abuse and self-intoxication. People treat others just as they treat themselves: self-abusers abuse others. If addicted to alcohol, nicotine, toxic fumes, and all types of drugs including steroids, get detoxified. Self-intoxication causes low IQ, low emotional intelligence, aggression, cognitive malfunctions, and self-neglect.
  5. Upgrade your consciousness. A simple way to do so is by reading inspirational and educational material written by the great avatars of the peace movement and watching documentaries about them. The Dalai Lama is said to be one of the very few people on Earth to have a level of consciousness at the 1,000 mark.
  6. Give gratitude for life’s lessons. The lessons learned from the experiences encountered within life’s incubator of evolution have a valuable purpose. Life’s challenges are exercises in releasing outrage, fear, and toxicity while we are being compelled to forgive others for their offenses.
  7. Practice the guidance of the renowned heroes of the peace movement. These heroes have demanded respect and equity while being at the highest level of impeccability with their own dignity and peaceful attitude. These heroes have made an impact on the minds of many racist people. Now, it is time that new heroes come forward and pick up where some of the heroes of old have left off. We cannot change our world until we change ourselves and our own consciousness. Our change allows us to eventually connect to a different version of ourselves that reflects a higher level of evolution.

Many people are irrational, unreasonable, self-absorbed, and short-sighted. When you blow the lid on other people’s fraudulence, they may use projection to accuse you of false wrongs. They may manufacture decoys to cast you out of their lives, discredit, and/or destroy you. Many humanitarian avatars endowed with the biggest minds and the noblest ideas have been discredited and murdered. These facts shall not deter all other avatars from speaking the truth and help humanity heal from ignorance. Someone has to be the bigger person and offer generous understanding, compassion, and forgiveness to any person who has felt offended after being uncovered as a fraud. It takes character to do that but do it anyway. Also, remember that almost everyone has the potential to be reformed and become a better person.

When we have integrity, we have everything — even the drive to rise above fear and death to roll away the stone blocking our own tomb — so that we can continue our mission. Help others by furthering the mission of the inspiring avatars of all times, to continue where they have left off.  By creating higher awareness to correct the cognitive dissonance that afflicts people, we promote the greater good of humanity.

Racism is like a malignancy caused by a deficiency of love. Because love is a byproduct of respect, altruism, and compassion, humans must generate it to heal racism.

From a social justice point of view, one can restrain racism by heeding the wisdom found in the blueprints given to humanity by the great avatars below:

      1. “There is nothing about birth or social status that makes a person good or bad. People are good or bad solely in terms of their actions. That is how they should be judged, not by the color of their skin.” ~ Gautama Buddha
      2. “But the one who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness. He does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.” ~ John the Baptist – Disciple – 1 John 2:11
      3. “Be the peace you wish to see in the world.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi –  Hindu anti-colonialism nationalist, political ethicist, and lawyer.
      4. “If you want to be respected for your actions, then your behavior must be above reproach. If our lives demonstrate that we are peaceful, humble and trusted, this is recognized by others.”  ~ Rosa Parks – The First Lady of Civil Rights, Montgomery bus boycott activist.
      5. “Let no man pull you down low enough to hate him.” — “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.  ~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
      6. “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” — “Of course the task will not be easy. But not to do this would be a crime against humanity, against which I ask all humanity now to rise up.”  ~ Nelson Mandela – Former President of South Africa, social rights activist, and philanthropist.
      7. “When we see others as the enemy, we risk becoming what we hate. When we oppress others, we end up oppressing ourselves. All of our humanity is dependent upon recognizing the humanity in others.”   ~ Bishop Desmond Tutu – South African Anglican cleric, Nobel Prize winner for Apartheid opposition and human rights activism.
      8. “We can never obtain peace in the outer world unless we make peace with ourselves.”  ~ Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
      9. “Human rights will be a powerful force for the transformation of reality when they are not simply understood as externally defined norms but are lived as the spontaneous manifestation of internalized values.” ~ Daisaku Ikeda – Japanese Buddhist Philosopher, Educator, Author.
      10. “The physical is the expression of memories and inspirations taking place in the soul of self-identity. Change the state of self-identity and the state of the physical world changes.
      11. When your soul experiences memories (replaying as problems), say to them mentally or silently: ‘I love you dear memories. I am grateful for the opportunity to free all of you and me.’ ‘I love you’ can be repeated quietly again and again. Memories never go on vacation or retire unless you retire them. ‘I love you’ can be used even if you are not conscious of problems.”  ~ Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len – Psychospiritual Therapist.
      12. “What black folks are given in the US on the installment plan is the civil rights’ bill. Not to be confused with human rights, which are the dignity, stature, humanity, respect, and freedom belonging to all people by right of their birth.” “Every door of racial prejudice I can kick down, is one less door that my children have to kick down.” ~ Dick Gregory – Civil Rights and Animal Rights Activist, Humorist, and Wellness Advocate.

Elder Dick Gregory with Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

Brooklyn, NY – May 2013

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