Three Reasons For Using Fasting with Caution


by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

Fasting, a diehard method that entails deprivation of either food or water – or both – has been practiced on Earth for millennia, for personal healing needs, religious compliance, ascetism, and personal development. Even though fasting has some useful benefits, whether intermittent, periodical, or continuous, it has been considered rather overrated in the past few years.

Many people practice fasting and starvation diets as a way of shedding excess weight. Even when undertaken temporarily, diets involving fasting may have detrimental effects on health. Other individuals claim that fasting helps them reboot their system. The downside of a fasting practice involves health risks that may not be worth the trouble.

Oftentimes, nutritionists from the conscious community advocate the following three reasons to help dieters avoid the pitfalls of fasting:

1. Consider polarity – A method that works for one person may not work for everybody. Countless people have experienced remission from illness after a fast, and others have had inconvenient side-effects. Due to a form of ketogenic effect, fasting may help some people shed extra pounds, but it may cause other individuals to end up with uncontrollable cravings. Usually, such cravings are mostly for processed sugar and refined carbohydrates, a counterproductive habit that contributes to degenerative diseases and additional weight gain within merely a few days.

2. Be aware of the pitfalls – When not conducted properly, fasting may cause serious health issues, and even death, due to dehydration, rapid rise of cortisol to dangerous levels, increased toxicity, and lack of sustenance to major organs.

3. Know the consequences – Fasting can induce autophagy, a process that may cause large intestines to cannibalize small intestines, even within just a few hours of fasting.

As with anything in life, when intending to undertake fasting, know the facts before proceeding.

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