Inflammation: The Unknown Epidemic

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Inflammatory diseases are on the rise… Scientists have confirmed that inflammation makes humans prime candidates for viral infections during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, inflammation is exacerbating the existing difficulties countless individuals have with controlling excessive body fat and related bodily pain. Even health-conscious people practicing sensible nutrition, exercises, natural hygiene, and supplementation have recently been reporting health issues involving internal inflammation.
Regardless of the causes of an inflammation, it usually does the most damage in the area that represents the weakest link. Inflammation manifests itself in the internal organs and tissues under the captions of: bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchial tissues), arthritis (inflammation of the joints), tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons), colitis (inflammation of the colon), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), endometriosis (inflammation of the uterine tissues), cirrhosis/hepatis (inflammation of the liver), encephalitis (inflammation of brain tissues), vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels), myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart tissues), etc.
Causes of Inflammation
Even though the conditions mentioned above have been found to be mostly due to inflammation, they are usually treated as different kinds of unrelated diseases, rather than symptoms of inflammation. Science shows that inflammation is attributed to multiple causes such as:
  • Excess acidity that contributes to overheating, pain, swelling, and deterioration of bodily tissues. The root causes of excess acidity constitute a vast topic. Countless studies show that the growing consumption of ultra processed food, processed carbs such as sugar and white flour, excess dairy products, free radicals-laden fried foods, soda and alcoholic drinks, and many other factors have been found to be the leading causes of hyperinflammation.
  • Acid-forming foods in the diet. Alkaline foods are the antidotes to acid-producing foods. Alkaline foods consist mostly of vegetables and fruits (citrus in particular), as well as earth based botanicals such as: ginger, green tea (Camellia sinensis), turmeric (Curcumin), neem (Azadirachta indica), along with aquatic botanicals known as: green algae, seaweed e.g. kelp, among many.
  • Frequent intake of foods high in lectins, rogue proteins that bind to carbohydrates and are known to generate gastric inflammation, arthritic pain, excess belly fat, and other woes.
  • Dehydration generated by a lack of alkaline water and pH balanced beverages. Hypo-hydration and dehydration render the body unable to eliminate the toxins that build-up in the system. The excess of cortisol hormones and histamines lead to eventual overheating and inflammation. When dehydration facilitates toxic buildup, it gives predatory micro-organisms such as yeast the foothold they require to devastate the immune system.
  • Lack of Vitamin D and sunlight. 
  • Sleep deprivation:
  • Improper breathing and lack of oxygenation:
  • Toxic levels of BPA from plastic food packaging:
  • Oxidative stress. Excess cortisol production usually generates inflammation:
  • Electromagnetic radiation from overexposure to cellular devices, electronics, computers, and more:
  • Inadequate grounding/earthing:


On the video above, watch Clint Ober, world renowned earthing pioneer,

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Effects of Inflammation
An increasing number of physicians are aware that close to 90% of diagnosed bodily conditions are connected to inflammation. Whether the conditions consist of degenerative diseases like cancer and diabetes, or skin ailments like psoriasis, or obesity and excess body fat, in most of these cases, the immune system has been found to be depleted and affected patients endure debilitating pain.
Scientific researchers have recently published the findings of their clinical studies showing a link between brain inflammation and adult autism.
Lately, scores of people have been noticing a prevalence of erratic behaviors, namely road rage, isolationism, violence, and unprovoked aggression in the world.
Some experts in the field of behavioral research consider chaotic conduct as a form of autism. Subjects whose brain is dysfunctional due to inflammation are more dangerous, unstable, and unreliable than they were before the onset of the inflammation.
Coherent people utilize intelligent self-expression and do not use criminality to assert themselves. Incoherence can be a symptom of brain inflammation.
So far, the conventional treatment for inflammation has consisted of prescription drugs containing corticosteroids that provide rapid relief from the pain and swelling. Steroid drugs however are known to carry deleterious health risks even though they provide temporary reprieve.
Science shows evidence that because of its connection to the above-listed causes, inflammation is not due to a deficiency of steroid drugs. Mounting clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of anti-acidic (consequently alkalizing) and detoxifying protocols in counteracting the ill-effects of hyperacidity and hyperinflammation.
Inflammation can be a life-threatening condition if left untreated. The latest scientific studies demonstrate that people whose immune system is depleted due to untreated inflammation are at a higher risk of developing Covid-19. For this reason, it is the prerogative of anyone concerned with their health to seek to eliminate the causes of inflammation to end the problem rather than merely treat its effects throughout the course of a lifetime.
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