Why Clear Yourself from Holiday Toxins?

by Sri Regine Lherisson-Bey

At holiday time, countless people look forward to a few things: celebrating with family and friends, enjoying some well-deserved indulgences, and traveling to connect with others. While these activities can be quite satisfying and uplifting on some level, on other levels, however, gatherings can turn into an opportunity to be subjected to multidimensional toxic overload.

What causes holiday toxins?

1. Toxic Foods and Drinks

Holiday get-togethers always include highly enjoyable foods and drinks. This is one of the reasons why people keep repeating the process of gathering year after year. The flip side of the enjoyment is that the foods and drinks also come with their share of hazards if they are of low quality. Some of the foods and drinks that are the most toxic are:

  • Meat: particularly beef and pork (including ham).

These types of meat are known to nourish the body but with the inconvenience of the following issues:
1. Over-acidification of the body. Hyperacidity is a process that deteriorates internal organs and causes inflammation that often leads to body pain, degenerative diseases, and excessive weight gain. Hyperacidity is often responsible for bone degeneration, an unfortunate situation that leads to deformities.

Remember to drink pure water to flush out water-based toxins and acids.

2. A high risk of parasitic contamination. Pork in particular is proven to harbor parasites that can invade the system. Even when properly cooked at very high temperatures, pork meat can still contain and transmit parasites. Within the colon, parasitic organisms find a warm, comfortable environment where they quickly proliferate. Soon after their entry in the human body, they migrate to the internal organs and tissues.

Parasites have the ability to go in and out of the brain, heart, uterus, prostate, breasts, lungs, etc. They leech off the blood supply, feed themselves generously from their host’s nutrients, and leave the person devitalized, fatigued, and plagued with skin problems, itching, and cognitive malfunctions. Moreover, parasites are responsible for excessive hunger. For some infested people, no amount of food can ever satisfy the abnormally frequent hunger they experience. Eating high caloric, acidic, and devitalized foods usually results in excess body fat production and degenerative diseases.

To add insult to injury, parasites leave a large amount of their own waste in their host’s body. People with a slow colon transit with bowel movement excreted more than four hours after digestion are at the highest risk of parasitic infestation. This is one of the many reasons why countless individuals have an enlarged abdomen so out of proportion that their body is out of balance.

Socialized medicine is not focused on detecting and controlling parasitic infestations. That is one of the reasons physicals do not necessarily have to include lab tests for parasites. Scientific studies have shown that barely 30% of parasites are usually detected through standard lab tests.

Gullible people have been led to believe that parasitic infestation is a “third world people problem”. Scientific studies clearly show a preponderance of evidence that a much larger than the stated number of individuals in industrialized countries have health issues connected with internal and external bodily parasites.

People with behavioral problems often carry parasitic organisms that adversely affect their brain functions.

  • Shellfish and sea animals that are bottom feeders. These sea creatures are not always safe for human consumption due to the fact that they process and retain very large amount of toxins of the worst kind. Bottom feeders ingest excrement from other sea animals. They carry bacteria, mercury, lead, cadmium, petroleum wastes, and plastic by-products in their system, just to name a few of the multiple contaminants.

Some micro-organisms that had contaminated people have caused irreversible brain damage.

  • Processed sugar. It enters into the preparation of most desserts and sweetened drinks. Several problems associate with the ingestion of processed sugar happen to be:

. Over-acidification. Just as seen above regarding meat.

. Devitalization. Sugar is a ‘food’ that takes nutrients from the body and leaves it deficient. It robs the body of B-Complex vitamins, a necessary set of nutrients that is vital to brain health and general wellness.

. Proliferation of candida albicans micro-organisms. They feed off the sugar supply in the body and cause a long list of symptoms. As it is the case for meat, processed sugar encourages parasitic infestation. As a rule of thumb, such infestation systematically entails lower immunity, cognitive decline, and behavioral issues, to say the very least.

. Excessive weight gain. Processed sugar is considered to be a high caloric ‘food’  responsible for the accumulation of toxic fatty cells in the body, particularly in the midsection and the areas below the navel. ‘Muffin tops’, overly-enlarged bottoms, ‘hanging jelly belly’, large fatty deposits under the jawline, are all telltale signs of over-consumption of processed sugar. Such sugar is in corn syrup, a food product that is known to be one of the most consumed items for commercial breakfast food.

A lot of people who are in close contact with food being served to others do not have the mental capacity to exercise proper basic hygiene necessary to keep the food safe and parasite-free. This is one of the more reasons to take personal responsibility for the sanitization of food components.

Wherever there are fat cells in excess, there are toxic cells. The lack of understanding of this knowledge has been one of the main reasons why the dieting industry has not made a dent in controlling the epidemic of excess weight and obesity. It is not through dieting that one controls weight, but by way of detoxification.

  • Alcoholic beverages. They intoxicate the blood with detrimental repercussions on the drinker’s behaviors. Just like all toxic drugs do, alcohol causes an intoxicated person to initiate chaos in their environment and be adverse to order and harmony.

In a world where all kinds of intoxicants are legalized and aggressively promoted to the population, there is an unprecedented barrage of violence, hatred, and erratic behavior. As of today, statistical data for the year 2019 has confirmed that it has been the year with the most targeted mass murders in the past fifty years. Only highly toxic and insane people initiate mass murders and acts of belligerence based on self-entertainment.

2. A Toxic Environment

No one can escape environmental pollution: it is all-pervasive. In general, the environment is so toxic that there is no such a thing as ‘fresh air’ anymore. Environmental pollutants come from every aspect of life that is powered by machinery, technology, high carbon emissions, as well as several unknown and unspoken factors.

Some of the known factors that contribute to a toxic environment are:

  • Air travel. During the holidays, a lot of people travel to meet others for celebrations. Traveling comes with its share of inconveniences and health hazards. If traveling by air, one is usually confined in a pressurized cabin for many hours, breathing recycled air. This shared environment usually contains all types of contaminants, viruses, bacteria, and even extra-terrestrial types of organisms.

Air travel also generates free-radical damage that stresses live cells, causing an increased level of toxins in the body.

  • Car and train travel. Similarly to air travel, car and train travel causes the production of free radicals and also subject travelers to the stress of radiation.
  • Environmental hazards. What most people neglect to look into is the environmental toxicity that traveling via machinery usually causes. Everything that pollutes the environment also contributes to the intoxication of humans, the fauna, the flora, all that is part of the ecosystem.

Emissions from ten million tons of fossil fuel are released into the environment daily, for the sake of fast transportation. The situation has been progressively worsening and is affecting climate change that is becoming more obvious daily. Although some people choose to ignore or deny the situation, climate change is anthropogenic (generated by humankind) and requires seriously urgent attention.

  • Toxic smoke. Whether generated by tobacco, weeds, vaping, incense, or barbecue, a smoky environment is simply toxic. Once the lungs receive an overload of toxins, the immune system is likely to react to the assault it has experienced. Everyone is entitled to picking the poison that suits their lifestyle!
  • Toxic personal care. During the holidays, people are more inclined to enhance their grooming procedures for outings and gatherings. Everyone wants to look and smell good but the products they use may be as toxic as all of the above mentioned commodities.

Toxic self-care products can be: aerosol-based deodorants, perfume, skin and hair grooming products, clothing care products, etc. The gases associated with the aerosol cans, chlorofluorocarbons, phthalates, and Bisphenol-A based products can all be damaging to the lungs and the whole body.

  • Microwaving. It disrupts the molecular structure of live cells, an event that can cause permanent DNA damage.
  • Excessive exposure to wi-fi, especially 5G. As seen in my blog post of November 2019 entitled Why Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation, the technology referred to as 5G comes with sought-after advantages in terms of speed and downloads conveniences, however, it also comes with numerous toxic perils.

3. Toxic Family Members and Others

Family gatherings are usually intended to be a pleasant opportunity to reconnect with loved ones in order to experience and recall good times. Even though this is usually the intention, family gatherings are always a reflection of the level of consciousness of the participants.

Everyone goes to their family gatherings with their toxic feelings and emotions of uneasiness, fear, resentment, jealousy, envy, or vindictiveness. Participants of family gatherings cannot always conceal the above feelings and emotions because they are being processed within each individual 24/7. It usually does not take long for the participants to have their feelings and emotions exposed while interacting with others. Statistics show that during holiday family gatherings, the average amount of time for toxic people to allow their interactions to become abusive and sometimes lethal is… three hours.

When toxic drugs and alcohol take over the minds of some holiday gathering participants, it is the norm rather than the exception, for toxic emotions to replace all notions of love and civility.

What do toxic foods and drinks, a toxic environment, and noxious people have in common?

They all render the body acidic. An acidic internal body is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and parasites, all of which contribute to lower immunity. Once immunity is lowered, one is likely to develop health issues such as cancer, overweight conditions, obesity, diabetes, skin problems, cognitive dysfunctions, anxiety, and depression. Consider this the shortlist.

Besides hyperacidity, toxic people, especially the ones affected by narcissistic personality disorders cause emotional damage that they will deny and never apologize for.

In my book, HOW TO DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE NATURALLY, I reveal solutions for clearing the self from all types of toxins whether physical, environmental, or relational. Even though they are simple and easy to implement, the solutions I present are cutting-edge, very potent, and workable at maximum efficiency for all of the above-mentioned issues.

Knowing about the above-mentioned solutions is a good thing. Learning how to put the solutions into practical application to acquire quality results is an art and a science. I highly recommend we go over the application process one-on-one after you secure your original of the book.


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